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Eliminate the roving Vrix patrols

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I'm a PW getting my first upgrade. Get all the way to the Tiberius Shipyards and about to upgrade and along come a formation of six Vrix that just annihilate me. I've seen them at gates where they gank players that come through. I've played games where there is a very high level roving patrol, but they are isolated to a certain small area to roam. Not free to kill anyone and anywhere. The game used to be enjoyable, but this is killing that fun. Please seclude or remove them.

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Should have made a level 150 Jenquai Explorer first for the group cloak skill ūüėȬ†


Or you could ask for a level 150 JE with group cloak to give you a ride to your hull upgrade in new player channel.


The Progen , specially the warrior picked on the V'rix first , that is their revenge.


I wish the devs would change them V"rix loot table as to make them a wanted kill , other bigger player would kill them down just to get the loot



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