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Progen Privateer Token mission level 120 "An eye shines in the dark"

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Found nothing for Kruge NPC nor An eye shines in the dark 


And the only angry i found was in relation to below.




Find a Great Dactuul and make it angry! 

  • Great Dactuul are CL31 and found in the north of Charybdis Storm Zone nav on Grissom Planet
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NPC Kluge created :




Created entry from Kluge ? for your mission here :


Silver Token:An Eye Shines In The Dark




Please Edit the mission to fill in the blanks for others

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Found this in the wiki.



1 Message from Kluge: Search for the Angry Planet to tame the wild beast!

2 Tempt Socket off your ship by sending some Nommos Blubber down to Modi.

3 One unit of Nommos Blubber will not be enough - another 59 units will do!

4 Scan Modi to attract Socket's attention.

5 Tell Kluge Socket is safe

6 With 6 stacks of Nommos Blubber, scan Modi to tempt Socket back!

7 What's the probability of discovering another Baby Moon Eater? Quick, let Kluge know on Arx Bursa!

8 Quick, go back to Modi and tempt the other Baby Moon Eater down to the surface before its' mother finds out! 120 blubbers did do it

9 Return to Kluge on Arx Bursa for your reward.


Someone had placed it in the "Steps" template and overwritten all the steps sections of all the missions. Template has been fixed and this has been added to the existing entry, but it still needs refinement. 


*** Disregard ***

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Wiki already fixed by Moulinneuf
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Yep just finished editing it after Valiria sent is mission log to me in DM


New Wiki editor first post , He will learn or we wil revert it all back 😉 


The page edit is done at the top otherwise you enter into templates.


recentt changes pages is your friend , if you want to learn from other good work or in my case numerous mistakes 😉 



Edited by Moulinneuf
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Speaking of editing the wiki, any idea where can you find what rewards you've received for a mission you've just completed. I've checked the chat log and it shows you everything but the mission rewards.

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