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Since this is an old game and with a small player base Can you increase the amount of XP we gain from doing all things in the game. It really is hard to level up after say level 70 because of the small amount of XP you get from doing anything in the game. Right now i struggle with jobs that just don't give enough XP to make worth sticking it out with them.

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Flying to Mars Sector and using a lvl 1 proto plasma beam at the missile drone nav and grinding to CBT 12.

(Approx 2 to 3 hours depending on boredom level) will give 12 CL, approx 12 TL (loot stacks) and depending where you fly from 10 EL.


Flying to a Level 50 Job terminal will get you to OL 35 for the explore runs (TL and EL) with combat now and then to stop the boredom.


Next, at OL 60 is the Level 75 Terminal Explore jobs with combat in-between. doesn't take long.

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