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Can't log in to game

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same tried to login in game window, tried hitting cancel nothing works its like its not being updated in the server, i have reset my password for my game account login  tried to relaunch, my launcher net-7 is pointing to the client.exe the game launches and the intro video plays goes to login i use my game credentials nothing works is game  compatible with windows 10/7 ive tried running both as admin. megan tells me thats not a valid login. 

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Hi NightFox47,


INV-300 usually means that either you have not installed the Net-7 Unified Installer files or you have some corruption of those said files. The Net-7 Unified Installer Files add the proxy that redirecte the EA client Demo to the Net-7 server systems, without them you will get the INV-300 error.


The only files required to run EnB EMU are as shown in the picture below:




Follow the isntructions given on screen and the system will update several times and "should" allow you access to the game system and play.


Ignore me I'm an idiot :)


Karu has the real answer


All the best and look forward to seeing you in-game,


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INV-300 (and INV-301) means that sunrise.net-7.org certificate is not trusted. Net7 Unified installer does not fix that (it creates some registry entries, and installs launcher, dotnet, vcruntime).


Try accessing https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin from your browser (chrome/firefox/edge/etc) and check certificate info from there.

It should be Let's Encrypt certificate and not expired.

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