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  1. same tried to login in game window, tried hitting cancel nothing works its like its not being updated in the server, i have reset my password for my game account login tried to relaunch, my launcher net-7 is pointing to the client.exe the game launches and the intro video plays goes to login i use my game credentials nothing works is game compatible with windows 10/7 ive tried running both as admin. megan tells me thats not a valid login.
  2. I have a master account signin and password as well as a game account linked to it and I launch from the net 7 launch pad.
  3. I’ve tried that it installed the certificate I used my verification I’d and password that I linked to game account still won’t let me sign in.
  4. I start the game from the launcher it loads up to the login screen with banki99 in the username I input my account name I have verified Megan says it’s not valid. I hit cancel and try again. Still no avail I really love this game as it was my first mmo and I would definitely donate a large chunk of my paycheck to keep it running. Ghranteed 1000 donation from me if I could get some help getting into the game.
  5. I keep getting stuck at the account name and password I have created a game account as well as a forum I’d and I have validated and linked game account to master account. Game menu asks me for registration code and it won’t allow me access to play when I launch from the net 7 launcher.
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