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Progen Sentinel Loadout

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Typicaly for shield a Crimson Force Barrier.

Reinforced Solar Sail 8 engine which your heavy device using Sentinel will love.

Depending on what you're doing a Vulture or a Shooting Star 8 for reactor.

Weapon wise a Flechette for that huge reactor renewal +reduced sig or even conservation, a Fury of the Master, a Hellfire Ballista, a Brimstone Ballista, Bile Cannon, DM Cannon and Spitter, mix and match depending on situation.

A lot of devices to use Basilisk, Salamander, Chilly Popper, Tactical Advantage Omega, Deadly focus, Ivory Ward, Good Fortune, Atrophy, Decay, RMU 9, Deadly Grasp, Seal/Mark of the Dragon, Martyrs Heart, Nitrus Oxide System just to name a few.

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