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the www.net-7.org/wiki rejects my login attempts, but [obviously] these forums do not.  The www.net-7.org website also lets me login just fine, as does the game on Sunrise.


the wiki does not present me with a password reset when it refuses my login and also provides no way to un-register or re-register [that I have found].  I suspect that it has set a cookie that is corrupt, but have no way to identify the specific cookie [afaik -- Win 7 Pro doesn't support that] and I'd rather not lose all my cookies for other sites [some are work related].


Can anyone advise me on how to regain access to the wiki?



Karu -- doesn't work.  While I do log on automatically to www.net-7.org, it doesn't transfer over to the wiki


Update -- sorted.  17 April 2016 1630 gmt.  I do not know who sorted this for me and I now have access as before.  I did run multiple different 'cleanup' utilities on my Win 7 computer.





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