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Harassment By Dev Redkite

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So I guess as a player of this emulator I have no right to complain about a bug, because when I did I was verbally harassed by a DEV. Not to mention other players.

Frankly I am surprised because most of the people I've dealt with in this game have be nothing but helpful and friendly. 

I am extremely disappointed. 

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Humorous is a matter of perspective and opinion. And I don't think what I said qualifies as a "tantrum." Expressing frustration yes.

I do not expect it to be fixed immediately. There was another player there who has been trying to complete it for two days.
You all assumed that I expected it to be fixed immediately but nothing I said infers that.


Additionally there was no need for anyone else to "pile on" with the comments. You point out my behavior and call me a "toddler" while trying to take the high ground. Name calling is as childish as it gets. You have just lowered yourself to "my  level" and now have ceded the higher ground.


I get that you want to defend the developers and people running the emulator. But I don't think that's really the best way to go about it. This was a terrible instance of customer service. While we need to cut the Devs a break because they are volunteers, that still doesn't excuse them from handling things like this in a more professional manner. 


Yeah I get it, you all think I'm a lousy person for being displeased with the game and the devs for not fixing a bug. Tell me you haven't been frustrated with things in the emulator at one time or another. I vent my spleen for a few lines typed in a chat channel and I get verbally abused for it. Who's in the wrong? 

Everyone that participated. I was a jerk, sure, but everyone else that chimed in after that were jerks as well.

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I guess that is a matter of perspective and opinion as well, because I would see frustration more along the lines of


GioPW : Hey Redkite, thanks for trying to help me out, I appreciate it. It really sucks that it's not working. I guess I'll go do something else while I wait or maybe start another character. I hope it gets fixed soon because I was really looking forward to this weekend playing.


Instead, you call us all dicks, because we didn't respond to your words the way you assumed we should. Then you proceed to the forums to try to publicly berate the Dev that was online trying to help you, STILL without a "Hey thanks for trying to help me out" ...


I guess perspective is a matter of perception, eh?

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Now you're making no sense at all. I said nothing about what you should think and say. I stated what frustration usually looks like. You can think/say what you like, just as the rest of us can/do. How you perceive that is totally up to you.


You STILL appear to be pitching a fit by asking how 'this is helpful' ... Helpful to what exactly? What do you want me to say? Yes, absolutely, Redkite should be taken out into the public square and flogged/lashed for attempting to help you, then expressing his frustration at your perceived lack of patience and even total lack of manners.


You are not at fault at all for anything that you said and/or did.  This emulator team should know this mission is not working and should have it fixed immediately and should then all be fired for not pandering to your fragile emotional state regarding said Hull Upgrade mission .......


I am sorry you can't or won't see humour where humour was meant. I won't play back and forth with you on this matter any longer. You can keep your opinions about the dev/emulator team and even me for that matter. It really won't hurt my feelings at all.


Folks tried to help and assist you the ONLY way they could. You didn't want to accept any of that, only express your 'frustration' call folks names and stomp out the door to post about how we've all mistreated you.


Fly Safe my lilttle gimped friend ....



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