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Why Am I Lagging

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Seriously why am I lagging, the rubberband effect seems to be permanently glued to me. Speedtest shows my connection at an average of 10Mbps upload and download, it sort of fluctuates a bit but in anycase. Torrents average at 400kbps, and some other game which I would not name here plays smoothly *cough*WOW*cough*. But on EnB I start of smoothly but somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes the lagmonster just holds on to me. Before you even ask I have made sure that there is nothing else downloading or uploading at that time, and I have ticked all the boxes on the launcher. Any ideas what I am missing. My rig is as follows:

  • CPU: i5 650 @3.20 GHz
  • OS: Windows 10 64Bit
  • Memory: 12GB DDR3
  • Graphics Card: GTX 760

Any ideas what I can do to improve my gaming experience?

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The following are checked:

  • Packet Optimization
  • Prototype Reorder
  • Disable Mouse Lock
  • Delete TH6 Files
  • Secure Auth SSL (Grayed out but still checked)

The following are unchecked:

  • Local Cert
  • Client Detours (Grayed out but still unchecked)
  • Debug Launch
  • Lock Port

Somebody mentioned that I should try switching off my router overnight, not sure how that would help but I am gonna go ahead and try that, by the way did you get that catnip I sent ya  :)

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and some other game which I would not name here plays smoothly *cough*WOW*cough*. 

All TCP.

EnB Emu is UDP.


ISP drop UDP packets first when the/their network load is high, so the answer is:

Your provider has a HIGH(!) overbooking quota.Change ISP..or live with it.


You wanted the truth...  :lol:

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Since changing the ISP is not an option at this stage I will just live with it. Fun fact Texas is the second largest state in the USA while South Africa is 1.75 times bigger than texas, taking into consideration that the USA has 50 states I bet that Americans have more ISPs to choose from compared to South Africans. While on the same track I will double bet that in a parallel universe (don't ask me which one) Texas is bigger than South Africa :blink:

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I tried looking up the firmware and I couldn't find anything, my current router is a Duxbury Dux 412. I am currently engaged in some super secret mission to liberate a different router from one of my friends, just as soon as he buys my story that it's for testing purposes only and he will get it back as soon as I am done, what I am not telling him is that T&Cs apply ;)

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