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Texting And Trains ?

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While I feel empathy for anyone who gets hurt it was an avoidable accident. You would not step out in traffic on a busy street without first looking, why would you cross railway tracks without looking? I can't even cross the parking lot without looking all around myself to be sure I'm not being followed or going to cross into the path of incoming traffic. Always aware of my surroundings and who is sharing those surroundings with me. 


I wish people could put their phones down and live their lives. How important must we all think we've become to be available at every waking / sleeping second of every day of our lives.


I am quite surprised that us 'older' folks even made it out of childhood alive ;)


My opinion is, of course, just that, my opinion alone. You may agree or disagree.


Fly Safe (watch out for rogue asteroids!)



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Gotta follow up what Alurra said with: Hey, they could be a contender for next year's Darwin Awards... probably not though, cause I mean those are usually pretty special as far as stupid goes. Not something as inane as walking in front of a train.


That said, I bet you she spends a lot less time looking at her phone now.

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/agree Alurra and Kyp


Sad to see someone needlessly get hurt, but it reminded me of a comedy bit by actor/standup Blake Clark, that went something like this..


"If we need labels on the hair dryer telling us not to use this while in the shower....


It's time to 'Thin the herd' "


He would then go on with more examples in the same vein...


Very funny guy, imo

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