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  1. I've caught two people stepping into traffic, both just in time to save a life: once in front of a bus, once in front of a truck. I'm with Alurra on this one.
  2. Unfortunately I wasn't around to witness sunset, as I'd gotten too busy with a consulting job I was working at the time to remain an active player. Though I can't place it Dallia does sound familiar, but I did know Suri, Astralprojection, and Saleanna. Can't remember Serinna. Without the help of the plethora of screenshots I happened to find on an old hdd, I might notbe able to remember any of it though ;) it's too bad I didn't find many from my other characters.   Thanks for the walk down memory lane either way ^_^
  3. bump...   ... still have that invalid unforfeitable mission 'A Time to Kill'   could do the novaflash though
  4. If it narrows things down any, my first ENB toon was Genjiro, and I started at live release, so that would have been back in '02.   Shame if nobody knows any of those folks though, they were some really great peeps ^_^   Andromeda sounds vaguely familiar, but I honestly couldn't say it wasn't Pegasus -- I haven't the foggiest which server it was actually on... although, no, I think Masters of Orion when I think of Orion, so I doubt it was that one. Idle curiosity anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. Thanks for giving it a shot folks!
  5. Part of the 'what server did I play on' train of thought that I never finished, I managed to find a ton of screenshots from 2002 on an old hdd and clipped out some of the conversations occurring in them. The defenders channel seems to have served much the same purpose as the New Players channel seems to play on Sunrise - generally being more sarcastic than helpful, but still worth listening to. Anyway, by chance does someone recognise any of these names, and happen to remember the server?   [attachment=3137:Advice.jpg]   [attachment=3138:Beams.jpg]   [attachment=3139:Boot.jpg]   [attachment=3140:Chugalug.jpg]   [attachment=3141:EverCrack.jpg]   [attachment=3142:Honesty.jpg]   [attachment=3143:Kill Chavez.jpg]   [attachment=3144:Listen.jpg]   [attachment=3145:Meditating.jpg]   [attachment=3146:MT.jpg]   [attachment=3147:Pie.jpg]   [attachment=3148:PL Monkey.jpg]   [attachment=3149:Scuttled Bug.jpg]   [attachment=3150:Spicy.jpg]   [attachment=3151:Terminals.jpg]   [attachment=3152:Trick or Treat.jpg]   [attachment=3153:Tumble.jpg]   [attachment=3154:Welcome.jpg]   [attachment=3155:What.jpg]   [attachment=3156:Woosh.jpg]   ---   Also, because I think it was a neat coincidence:   [attachment=3157:Sunblock.jpg]
  6. Keep us posted! Though it truly does seem problems are sporadic, not chronic. Great work! :)
  7. Thanks for looking into that! I was unable to further communicate with Nishido stn when last I'd checked. However, on a different note, 'a time to kill' is still listed in my mission log... does it take some time to update that, ie next server reset?
  8. That does make perfect sense, I just never got very far with a prospecting class. Puttered around a bit with a PS on live but that was so long ago I really can't remember much of that beyond occasionally being frustrated by getting popped trying to JS someone :P Do progen hulks yield more than one per hull, or did you really find dozens of them so quickly? Or is it simply that your prospecting skill is so high you can rip through the missions? Not that this has very much to do with the OP anymore :huh:
  9. Wow, cool thanks... I'm not in a rush to get it fixed or anything so no need to hurry though, it doesn't detract from the game beyond annoying my ocd :P   I presume it was simply some random lag-induced or one-in-a-million null pointer thing, haven't seen it before and everything else has gone normally tonight. I don't suppose there's any way you can trace when the mission was added to my mission log to verify when it happened, in order to document/track it, if this has happened before?
  10. Well, and that's fair... however, as a JD I didn't have that option, short of haranguing the market for a donor and waiting who knows how long to complete the mission.   Nobody likes to wait for a hull upgrade 8b   Any chance you could narrow down *exactly* what those "different sectors" were, Woodstock? At least that way we can pass that knowledge on.
  11. Are you particularly anti-inflamatory, Thuvia? ;)  ...bad medical joke don't mind me...   Either way, welcome back again!
  12. Thanks ^_^ Don't think I've bumped into either of you in game but it's nice to see there are quite a few active regulars around.     Cheers!
  13. While completing the beam lens research quest from Du`shao Silva (Yasuragi Stn), I was at the Nishino Weapons Factory in Ishuan. During conversing with the station, the conversation glitched (closed) and reopened. Instead of continuing with that mission, I was given a mission entitled 'A Time to Kill' which I accepted. However, in it you are to bring an ML-X4 Orb Weaver and a stack of missiles to Louden McEwan on Loki Station, and as a JD, it's impossible for me to go to high earth. Since the mission is not forfeitable, it seems I'm currently stuck with it. Pictures to follow.   [attachment=3133:bug1.jpg]   [attachment=3134:bug2.jpg]
  14. There are lots of manes around that do drop Centuriata gene maps, but none of the ones I found in Gallina were the LIV ones. A dozen or so Centurions later and I got a gene map to drop. I agree with what Ihasabucket was saying, there should be an alternative to damaging your Progen faction.
  15. It appears these two have both been fixed, though warping through the gate before killing the critter appears to bug it. Forfeit and retry. Almost immediately after you arrive at the gate, you'll see the 'warp effect', and a GetCO hauler will appear at around 8-10km out. It's sig has been increased to match, and you can see it from that distance. The first one is CL10, the second CL20.   Cheers!
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