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  1. an update on mineable locations for L4 Dark Matter Enriched Cobalite would be nice if u got time

  2. was wonder how goes the Network Multiboxer project?

  3. i have 2 accounts actually i been gone for a while a long while.   15:03:35: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org) 15:03:35: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org) 15:03:35: Login Service Connection Successful. 15:03:35: GetTicketSync(1) connection succeed with invalid result. User                    : viperfang55 Password Context        : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID               : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server       : sunrise.net-7.org Code                    : Text                    : 
  4. all installed fin config worked but game cant find my login id or password and says (inv-301).   using windows 10. help plz.
  5. What is the ideal PP?? Best guns to use? best shield? best reactor? best buff and debuffs? best engine? care to share ideas this is the place for that, since i havnt seen nothin like this in other forums.
  6. having same problem even after unchecking opti and cert just cant verify login at all.
  7. if i may.... i have beta testesd in many games over time and one thing i know of is when it falls apart and this is usually how it starts. plz remember the coc and other rules should be followed but they are not ment to use to bash or to subbmit people into a spacific group of conformist. they are guide lines and nothing more, designed to protect from leagal action not dev/playr dissaplin, if wrongs had been commited thoughs of power should disscuss and recomend a course of action and all involvrd be heard, since there is no reemburcement for the time spent on this game it would be hasty to assume any of you have more power then the other.if u truly mean its for the playrs like myself then act like leaders and maintain dignity dont bash or disgrace for miner infractions. as you said this is a stress test; so what was learnd? how can it be prevented? what needs to be done to discourge it? is banishment a nessessary evil? do we inform or do we abuse our own powers to punish? ask these questions first then work together on its outcome that includes the violators. I like what i have seen so far and hve cudosed u all, but remember it took all of u to get it this far dont forget that or the goal. hope it works out cause i would hate to see a great team like all of you stumbal and fall. shep......
  8. I need a second account for my other computer but cant register it what do i do?
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