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  1. Disconnects are something we all get now and then, many of us also run more than one account. It's really frustrating when you do get disconnected to have to reform your group, especially if your main toon was the one to get kicked. My suggestion then is really simple... Currently: Toon gets disconnected Player logs back in Toon gets booted from group Re-invite toon/reform group Proposed: Toon gets disconnected Player logs back in Server checks if the toon has been disconnected for <less than arbitrary time (eg; 120 seconds)> Yes; Restore toon to same position in group No; Boot toon from group
  2. I've been doing some fiddling around with this today to see if I can get 6 windows (main + 5 alts) up on a 1920x1200 resolution, essentially a layout like this... After a fair amount of testing, and experiencing the same issue as you, it would appear that there's a minimum window size below which the client just exits. I believe this to be 800x600 based on the config tool. Kind of a pain, though maybe the excuse I need to buy a new monitor?
  3. Hi Avani, thanks for the response. I wasn't so I just tested to see if that made any difference. I tried setting both client.exe & LaunchNet7.exe to run as administrator. First time out I was able to launch and log in just fine, success! However when I tried a second time I'm back to square one, ie; I can't get past Megan asking for my password without the game crashing.
  4. Based on the FAQs I've been able to get myself up and running and boy have I missed this game! However I'm having a couple of problems with logging in... Every single login attempt requires me to perform a "Force Updates" on the Net-7 launcher. If I don't do this, when I enter my password the game crashes. If I try to set the game to run under XP compatibility mode, it won't even load, just hangs on the proxy window. Any suggestions? PS: Please let me know if you require any additional details, system spec etc.
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