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  1. Hats off to all of the people involved in what makes this game tick.  Regardless of what needs to be done, I'm glad you're there willing to do it.  Also thank you to the family members (wives, husbands, children) of all the Net-7 Staff that gives us your time and takes it from your family.  Nothing says "i care" enough then doing something like you do, for free.  
  2. What I had to do is update my sig on the net-7 site and right click on the photo and pick the copy photo URL option and then add the img /img (don't forget the brackets) manually.  It finally worked...
  3. I blame me, I was docking at Somerlad with 3 toons full of trade goods...prolly overloaded the server
  4. Step 1. You find a nice, secluded spot and you cut a large hole in the ice. Step 2. Take several cans of peas and you line the top of the hole with peas.  (The thicker the better) Step 3. When the bear or bears investigate the stash of peas around the top of the hole, you sneak up behind the polar bear. Step 4. Once in leg distance, you draw back and you KICK HIM IN THE ICEHOLE.
  5. [url="http://www.inputdirector.com/"]http://www.inputdirector.com/[/url] A friend turned me onto this program and it is awesome. When I play my normal 3 accounts, I use 3 separate computers, which creates 3 mice, 3 keyboards and 3 monitors. I have fast hands, but I ain't as good as I once was, so I started searching for a program that would make my life easy. This program is like a giant KVM switch that can run up to and probably beyond 6 computers with one keyboard and mouse. It is very amazing to say the least. You can also run it in "Mirror input across Master and Slaves" Which makes your movements and keystrokes from your main computer do the same for all of your computers. This is by no means, "botting" or "scripting" you are there controlling the movements, this program just makes the controlling them alot easier. To my knowledge it is not against any emulator policy to use so have at it! If it is against the TOS or EULA I'd stop using it in a heartbeat thought, cuz i love me some EnB and don't wanna get in trouble!
  6. Dev's - you complete me. Seriously. I know you've heard it a million times, 900,000 of them by me, but THANK YOU for everything you do for our community.
  7. I ended up right click on the pick and using the "copy link" option and then adding the [img] [/img] commands to each end of the URL. Worked like a charm. Not sure why it was not working the other way. I tried what you suggested also.
  8. I'm using the net-7 portal to create a custom "small" signature and it updates to my current toons guild rank and level. However when I post it to my profile on the forums, it has my old guild name and level from beta. I've tried repeating the creation process and did it several times and It keeps rolling back to my old toons guild rank and level. Any thoughts?
  9. Triton is a guild full of long time EnBer's, both from the Retail version and the Emulator versons of EnB.  We raid, we build, we do it all.  We have our own website and teamspeak 3 server.  If you want to expierence all aspects of the game, Triton is the right place for you.  Contact me in game at one of the below characters or apply at our website. 
  10. My ISP is Suddenlink cable internet. I changed some DNS settings and it connected to the server instantly. IF anyone is having these same issues see the post in the support form that is stickied called "DNS"
  11. Im on the west coast and I got people saying the servers are up, but they are all showing down to me. The net-7.org site, teamspeak, etc. Any idea whats wrong?
  12. Just an FYI - Zack was on this morning and did a restart. He said he changed some coding that should help with the server stability issues. Let's all hope that is the case!
  13. Many thanks for the explanation and thank you for all that you do for us!
  14. Most of us are in the dark about what actually takes place when the server crashes and shuts down. I know only a hand full of people (maybe less) can actually restart the server, however It would be nice to know what usually takes place when the server is having issues. Most of us just flock to the server status post and refresh it, hoping for an update by a member of the N7 team, though that rarely happens. Anyone have additional info on this?
  15. Can Kyp update that forum? I have been spreading the word on several forums that the game is currently "live" and if you read that, we are just starting beta. Probably should do an official announcement there.
  16. So I finally got my PP to a level where he can go out and play. Today he was shield healing my TW while I was fighting and notice he could rip aggro from me with no effort. I could be attacking the mob, which is at half health and after one heal, my PP would get attacked instantly. I played a TT on raids live and remember sitting in the middle of the fish bowl spamming heals and healing an entire raid and not ripping aggro like that. Is this working as intended or is there tweaking to come?
  17. Button, Button, who's got the button! -Willy Wonka
  18. If it has anything to do with the bad weather all over the country stay safe guys!
  19. Any Dev help me out with a solution?
  20. For some reason, when I mimize the game in full screen or windowed mode, I can't bring it back up. I have to open the task manager and close the client and restart the game... Anyone have any help for me?
  21. Trapt


    Just wanted to say whats up. I stopped by and browsed the forums for a while and am glad to see this project still pushing forward. Hope all is well with the game and the devs. Look forward to getting some play time and playing a bit, just really busy!
  22. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1302491306' post='38784'] Ha! Your name is "Trapt" and your trapped! I'm sure you find this just as funny as I do, but I'll move your guy for you. If you still can't log in, try using Packet Optimization and Prototype Reordering in the launcher. [/quote] HAHAHA - that was good. Thanks for moving him for me.
  23. Did a FB run a couple days ago, crashed to desktop and didn't log back in until today. Now I can't log in Trapt my main toon. Anyway to get him moved? I tried from two different computers and get the same results. It just freezes at the login.
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