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  1. Jaqs!! how you doing brother! Stop by and see us!
  2. Well then, I forgive you...
  3. Haven't see a GM on in days! We miss you guys!
  4. Right - it would be purely a graphical command that would allow you to filter ores off your screen.  There is no reason for a non-miner to see ores and in some situations the ores can cause huge video lag issues. 
  5. Hey thanks Oober for the kind words.  We blew up many of baddies together! Had alot of fun.  Still looking for some contacts of smaller guilds.  PST!
  6. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this.  I just wanted to offer it out there and look for another guild to possibly do a guild merger with.  Reasons being, the Dev's have taken a stance on their idea of what a "raid encounter" is going to be like, which if you read the posts, it's going to take 4 or 5 groups of people to accomplish the end game content. With that said, id really like the opportunity to speak to the guild leaders of some of the smaller guilds and possibly work out a merger or perhaps joint raids.  If any of you are willing to talk to me, hit me up in game, all of my toons are listed in my sig. 
  7. I know you can relog and wipe them all, however it would be nice to be able to just click them off if you miss buff or want to replace it with another.
  8. Would it be possible  without modifying the client to add a /hideore or some similar command that would allow NON-Miner types to hide ore nodes? There are some areas of the world i enjoy fighting, however they are littered with ore nodes which serve me no purpose but to cause me to lag or not see the corpse I wanna loot.
  9. If you have the trade window open and one party participating in the trade crashes or loses connection - the trade window gets stuck open until the party that disconnected comes back or the person with the window stuck open relogs.
  10. Hey there - welcome back to the game.  The community is the same ol EnB community, the difference is you have a great bunch of developers that also play the game and enjoy EnB as much as we do.  Hit me up in game if there is any questions you have or anything you need. 
  11. Trapt

    Healer Agro

    It's tough to get healers to even want to participate in raids, as soon as a healer heals anyone, they instantly get smashed.  With enrage, befriend, hack and really any other skill along these lines not working well, (yes i've tested them, over and over and over) healers know they usually leave an encounter with dented gear and 200k debt.  When you get into the high end gear, last thing I want to do is lost 5% on expensive, hard to get items.
  12. Trapt


    I'm all for challenging encounters - however the server population doesn't  accommodate the ability to complete large group encounters, UNLESS you are a large guild that can field that type of raid.  I can think of two or three guilds that can field a raid that can complete this encounter.     Encounters that require multi-guild cooperation cause drama over loot distribution and all sorts of problems.  Most of the smaller guilds won't have the opportunity to experience these encounters unless it is toned down just a tad.     We got some ideas up our sleeve to try next time and maybe we can pull it off.  IMHO though - as long as the server pop stays what it is, some adjusting is warranted.    How about making two tier encounters with triggers that spawn two different versions of the same encounter, one yielding less loot? Just a thought...
  13. When I disband a group and try to reinvite people - at times I get a message saying "you are not in group."    To duplicate this - join a group, then disband from the group and then try to invite others to your group.  You will get the message " you are not in group."    The only way you will be able to create a group from there is to click on the ship of the person you are trying to invite and clicking the "group" icon.
  14. LOL! Just read your reply Searing
  15. How hard would it be to create a vendor sold item, that you could click on and then click on an item to make it "no sale" or an NPC that you could turn in an item to and make it "no sale".  I hear every day of someone accidentally vendoring an item they did not want to vendor.  If there was a way we could make an item "no sale" it would be grand.  I'm not sure how it would work of if its even possible.  
  16. Lagged out - can't log into the game.  Everytime I try the net 7 server proxy fails to initiate and i crash. 
  17. Anyone that says the devs dont listen can bite me
  18. Thank you Zackman for looking into this for us!
  19. Oh and the reason you didn't take hits on Mordana raids is because your "group" didn't do the most damage.  The GROUP that did the most damage got the faction hit.
  20. Group faction was in the game live - as long as you contributed and engaged in combat, weather beneficial combat to group members or aggressive combat towards the enemy, you got a faction hit.  I'm not saying make it to where a PW with max supernova can set at a nav of chavez and mow them down for faction  I'm saying make it to where people that contribute to the kill get something.    If you remember it being "the biggest guns gets the faction" you're wrong.  I used to take people in my guild out to grind faction and as long as they shield recharged me, attempted to debuff the mob, hack, casted a beneficial buff on me, anything they took a faction hit.  
  21. As of now, the only person that takes a faction hit is the person that does the most damage.  We need to fix this as there are people that defiantly contribute to a group and get no credit.  IE: JE buffs, Shield Leach, Shield Recharging, etc etc etc....   The percentage faction hit should be evened out depending on how many in group, not who does the most damage.  I know Teinbau had discussed it in a general chat one evening when he recently returned and said it was an easy fix.  If it's so easy, then why not do it?
  22. Downed Blackbeard's Ghost as a guild last night - had alot of fun.  More to come from this guild!
  23. If we know there is a problem and a potential fix, why not try to tackle the problem and help those that have to religiously do this in order to play the game.  The process itself don't take long, but I would think it would be on the list of issues to fix.  Maybe create a script with a button on the Net-7 launcher and add it to the "flush DNS" and other options tab, to delete those files.  There are some people that aren't very computer savvy that might have issues deleting them, preventing them from playing.
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