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  1. It may have been in original documentation, but it certainly wasnt in live..Probably for the obvious reasons..Many things start out one way then end the other...What is really annoying is this game is supposed to be for the playerbase bought back by the playerbase. Then you get some jumped up jock who wants to change it even if players moan.. remember this project isnt going anywhere without the players so just put it back already.
  2. As the posr says. Come on Admit it, havent you sometimes sat there wanting to play your all time FAVOURITE game (but due to time conatraints, a bitching wife or a major split from your partner who is asleep upstairs and your too worried to play your said FAVOURITE game. Just in case she wakes just at that time when you were about to loot your first hellbore in your said FAVOURITE game. And there is the slightest possibility that things are not really over) NO!!!!!! Nor me.. But thanks to the Devs that strive to bring my FAVOURITE game back. PS......Did I menrion this is my FAVORITE game............. Edited for puntuation...Oh and just in case you didnt get it, this is my FAVOURITE game... Cheers DEVS...
  3. They have to get their ideas from somewhere
  4. What a dreadful day to split up with the missus!!!
  5. Ok sorry for not updating sooner. I was initially trying to explain there is a new MSN live messenger virus doing the rounds. You get a message from someone in your friends list making reference to yourself being in a photo with a link, it looks genuine but if you click the link your web browser will chanhge to the site *edited* which overwrites the file INFOCARD.EXE and a couple of dll's these are a part of the net framework. Unfortunately i had the virus so every time i tried to update my post i was getting strange effects on my comp so have had to wait until i cleared the virus...It was just a heads up for the people that use live messenger
  6. If somebody wants to explain what needs doing, i'd do all the missions myself. I have plenty of free time and i think starter missions should be a high priority to fix.
  7. Was IT for a long time, got fed up so tagged Shaddex. Thats how he ended up IT(whilst waiting for his kettle to boil. Not me, mines a 3x86)
  8. Are you the same Ruger from Auto Assault?
  9. No such thing in my opinion, this is no different to when in combat you take out what you want and leave the junk. It is just a mere inconvenience to the next person who wants to mine, but again like in combat they will eventually spawn again.. Most MMO's make me laugh in situations like this, if there is an exploit or a quicker way of doing things, players WILL find it and use it. It usually only gets classed as the above once players themselves start complaining or if the Devs realise it shouldnt work that way, then its up to the said Devs to fix it so it works the way it they wanted it to. If it is really a problem for people, heres a suggestion, once a player opens a roid, make the said player be stuck to the roid till its empty. problem solved (till he runs out of vault space then it becomes an inconvenience whilst he trashes the stuff he dont want), but then we do the same for combat of course... /Flamesuit ON Edited so i dont get picked up by those pesky spelling type police lol or should that be laugh out loud for the people who hate computer speak..ah stuff it who cares
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