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  1. Just tried logging in, telling me wrong password for all of my accts & I know what it is, I'm not typing in the wrong password.
  2. The above work-around will work, I'm on now. Yes - it needs to be corrected but you can get on.
  3. I really don't have much of a comment on the jobs because I don't remember in live if they offered Credits or just XP, been too long ago.  I do know it was how I leveled my characters up in this emu.   What's driving me to the point of quitting now is what Gropos stated in the start to this thread.  The Waking Nightmare is a pain in the rear to get, a 16 step mission you need help to finish and luck finding the Servant.  It's usually a multi-day mission as the Servant is killed before you finish even the first initial stages.  Reducing it from 20% to 12% is a slap in the face.  You worked hard to get the WN, it should be better.  Add on top of that the pathetic drop rate of any other 'turbo weaps' device (PB anyone?) and it's just frustrating as heck.   I've about reached the end of my tolerance with the impossible to find drop rates, the heavily camped rare spawning mobs, and the inability to do hardly anything solo in this game.  If you aren't camping Niff 24/7 - good luck getting Modi's Child.  If you aren't in Cooper with 2-3 friends hunting Desash to kill him 10x in a day, good luck on ever finding a Plague's Bite.   I've about had it, I'm about ready to dock my ship and log out for the last time as well,  The game just isn't fun anymore, it's been nerfed to hell and gone.
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