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  1. I'm wondering... would a faulty certificate cause this CTD-fest messiness? I tried to check and reinstall the certs via the launcher and got the following messages: !Certificate for "sunrise.net-7.org" is not valid or not installed. Install certificate now? ..So I say "ok" and then the evil machine says back: X Could not install certificate. Hostname: "Sunrise.net-7.org", Port 443 Details: Could not retrieve server certificate. Damn machine took my driver's liscense!
  2. It appears there are 2 threads for the same issue here on the forum... However... After forcing the update, it seems to have patched. Still getting the boot after about 10 seconds or so though. heres the latest error information from the N-7 file: 29/03/11 12:58:38 MVAS thread running 29/03/11 12:58:38 Received Master login confirm, new UDP port is 3659 Avatar_id = 1073745206 29/03/11 12:58:38 <server> Master Login received - UDP sector port: 3659 29/03/11 12:58:38 >> Commence Login check. 29/03/11 12:58:38 Sending Login packet - connection active 29/03/11 12:58:48 >> Login check: Login OK 29/03/11 13:00:01 Connecting to Authentication Server on 29/03/11 13:00:03 Unable to connect to Authentication Server on port 443 29/03/11 13:00:21 User 'kaiyzer' logging in from IP: 29/03/11 13:00:21 TCP login link established. 29/03/11 13:00:21 Starting TCP login connection 29/03/11 13:00:21 Login link established to server. 29/03/11 13:00:22 Received account valid from Server 29/03/11 13:00:22 Received account request. 29/03/11 13:00:23 Received TCP avatarlist from Server 29/03/11 13:00:23 Received Avatar list. 29/03/11 13:00:32 Sending Avatar Login. 29/03/11 13:00:33 Received TCP Global Ticket for login 29/03/11 13:00:33 Fixed port ID set to 0x40000d36 29/03/11 13:00:33 Received GlobalTicketRequest packet -- User: `kaiyzer`, Slot: 1 29/03/11 13:00:33 Sending Global Ticket (Proxy->Client): 0x40000d36 , 45151, 0 29/03/11 13:00:33 TCP connection on port 3805 closed gracefully 29/03/11 13:00:34 MVAS thread running 29/03/11 13:00:53 Error, did not receive master handoff ... 29/03/11 13:01:04 >> CRITICAL ERROR: Server unable to process sector login 29/03/11 13:01:04 TCP connection on port 3801 was reset ...and... Desktop...
  3. Here are the errors I recieved last evening whilst trying to sort the issues.. I don't know if this is any help at all, but here it is: 28/03/11 19:47:09 User 'kaiyzer' logging in from IP: 28/03/11 19:47:10 TCP login link established. 28/03/11 19:47:10 Starting TCP login connection 28/03/11 19:47:10 Login link established to server. 28/03/11 19:47:10 Received account valid from Server 28/03/11 19:47:10 Received account request. 28/03/11 19:47:24 MVAS thread running 28/03/11 19:47:35 TCP connection on port 3807 was reset 28/03/11 19:47:44 Error, did not receive master handoff ... 28/03/11 19:48:33 >> CRITICAL ERROR: Server unable to process sector login 28/03/11 19:48:33 TCP connection on port 3801 was reset
  4. Yes, i'm getting the same error as well.
  5. Boogieman and I have been talking on vent and thus far we've tried switching to a static connection from my usual dynamic ip, and assigning the proper ports in the router settings... for whatever reason it makes my router very angry and I get nothing. I was able to connect only briefly after reverting to the dynamic ip... I'm not sure how else to make my router speak to the server...
  6. Since the server is down atm, I thought I'd entertain myself with the drama unfolding here... Yeah, I voted in the poll too. (#4 on both questions) It always amazes me when people get all twisted up about one thing or another, but this is wonderfdully rediculous! I mine ALOT, so I've found a couple things that make my day more enjoyable. Perhaps it will work for you too! First, if there is another person in the field, try inviting them to your group! This game is designed for group play, so you get a bonus for grouping! (amazing huh?) Besides... you might even make a new friend! Next, ask if that person is looking for anything specific, and try to help them out!! For instance: If you dont need or want the titanium, and they do... SAVE IT FOR THEM! Maybe helping others rather than bitchin will make everyones day go a little smoother! All that being said, if you're after specific ores, just go get em! Don't let anyone else tell you how to play! When you go to the market, is it rude to take only one chicken from the meat cooler? Am I rude for taking the chicken you wanted because I got to the store first? Please people... So if you happen to come accross me, (The blonde in the big black ship with the sails on it) ask for an invite! lets have fun! But if you complain and get bitchy you will get a polite dismissal and if that doesnt work we move on to the ignore list.
  7. Well... noones spooled up kitty pics yet.. but maybe this can hold you over until they do!... My link
  8. I agree with Matt and Hal on the issue (time constraints for play time), however... Being that this is a test, I think the gm was just trying to spice things up a little bit for folks. I was online at the time, and saw Matt's response. Nothing negative or snotty from him at all! Matt has a great point though, for the future of special events. I think a little planning would be perfect! The only real problem I can see are the people always worrying about what others have...and what they have not. Any time you mix so many people, from all over the world in one place there will be conflict of one sort of another. So, to all the whiners... Shut up! All devs/gm's ought have a maxxed toon (or close to it) from day one so they can look at all the higher level sectors/mobs for testing purposes. So yeah, I can see a gm having uber-loot on day one! you betcha! For the time they spend building this game, how can they play... and level a toon? Lets be realistic here! So... abuse of powers? Not even close
  9. Kaiyzer

    login down?

    im getting similar errors as well... with the local cert box checked (only) i get ne error message, but cannot connect (Megan starts her rant) However, if i check any of the other boxes it hangs with a "connect to server" box in the middle... Just talked to a buddy on the phone.. same issues. so off to a movie til it's resolved....
  10. Sunday.... 12:10pm.... She's down! Was this a plot by the "significant others" to secure "Cuddle-time" on Valentines day?!!!??? Please say it isnt so!!! Any word folks? I sense more kitty pics ion our future!
  11. We will just have to sit and wait... good job dear! thanks for the info!
  12. MOHAA?!!! no kidding! I havent played that in a dogs age! I didnt know there were still servers up for that!!
  13. Well.. if the hampster died... I say we trudge down to Punxatawney Pa. and get that fat groundhog (who apparently saw his shadow this week, condemning us to another 6 weeks of crappy weather) and install his fat ass in the power supply wheel, as he's clearly not doing ANYTHING anyway!!!
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