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  1. Mine crashes out after EULA pops up. Help meh! :(
  2. To INFINITY and.... wait a minute that doesn't even make sense!

  3. Seems I've opened an unintended can of annelids here. I suppose all dialog leads somewhere useful eventually. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  4. Where do i sign up? Would love to help with game dev but have no real programming skills except for VB.
  5. As the title suggests, how can we get these "new" areas opened faster? Is this discussion moot due to upcoming changes? What are the new sectors like? -rek
  6. I got these cheeseburgers man!...... I can feel the hulks in Xipe totec respawning and leering without me to keep them in check! But seriously, thanks TB and crew for bringing goodness back to space! Take that corporate EA raiders!
  7. DAOC had some great housing setups, our consignment merchants/multiple vaults made it possible to really equip a whole crew, plus the economy aspect made it possible to get some great loot at decent prices. No one really "hung out" there but it was usually the start point for the nights activities. Could possibly add ticket porters that would function similar to JE jumps. Nothing sez lovin like buying looted gear from a CM for cutthroat prices.
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