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  1. Ok I'm not happy at all with Evermore's messed up attitude. I complained about a mission to the New Player channel and got mostly mildly abusive opinions. But, once Evermore logged in it escalated to his/her taking offense to MY opinions as a player and supporter of the emulator. Other players jumped in and one actually used the f word yet *I'M* the one that got kicked from the server and probably banned or temp banned. REALLY? Who in their right mind does this? I'm tired of people abusing the power they have because someone doesn't agree with them. Evermore actually told me to stop crying about the mission. LOL I'm a 57 year old grandpa, I don't cry about game bugs (crap code). Evermore just pandered to the few that decided to berate me in the channel instead of letting it go or offering a helping hand, as a few did. Handofdoom, you need to keep you negative opinions to yourself. Evermore, I think it's a good thing Kyp is cutting you from the dev team. You stink and so does your attitude. Yeah, don't bother trying to help me and thereby get me to shutup about the mission, just do as you did, call me names and then kick off the server so you won't have to listen to me. Thanks for the abuse, pal. You just made the world a darker place with your hateful whining about players that don't respect you. Wow. On a brighter note, I still think the Dev team has done a great job. I remember helping test the emulator several years ago. Amazing what you can do with some time and a few billion electrons. Kudos folks... except for you know who.
  2. cyborg512

    Live Enb

    wow, this is typical of the players and staff in the emulator these days. I've been playing the emulator for 3 yrs or more since I first heard about it and I was very happy to get back to the EnB universe. But now? Noit so happy. All I see are the same snarky players monopolising the market channel for their personal clique chats, mouthy responses to players that have legit critisisms or complaints about content or whatever, staff that struts around letting their egos be stoked acting as if they owned the world. This is a game people, the definition of which is dominated by the word entertainment. Fun.  How much fun is it when you comment on something and you get 5 responses that are basically net bullying because "you're different than us so stop belly-aching and get with the program". Oh please, is this still grade school playground time? I thought most of us were adults, reliving the old times in a virtual universe that is rarely offered these days, in this environment of Pay-to-kill-someone-you-don't-know games. We used to be a community but all I see now are players and staff throwing insults at those who speak their minds about the ongoing development of a game we all used to enjoy and share.  You've lost sight of the real meaning of this emulator. I bet you're the kind that says "Bah humbug" too. For shame! Being an adult carries with it an ability to discuss unpleasant or controvertial topics and resolve differences. Unfortunately I see very little of that. There are alot of old players that used to play the emulator a few years back and I can see now why they left. It's an environment of hostility towards anyone not accepted into the clique. It's disgusting and as long as it continues you will lose new players that do not wish to be in that type of environment, and old ones that are sick of the back biting, the boot licking, the constant negative verbage of those that deem to qustion the status quo. You have become your own worst enemy.   I too enjoy playing alone, my schedule is too random to allow me to join a guild or share time with other players I see all the time. Why ostrocize those that espouse such a practise? oh that's right I forgot, you're intolerant bullies with no comprehension of social interaction. You're like the football jocks versus the lone nerd in teh hallway. I guess you can't help yourself when the opportunity to slam someone's head into a metal locker presents itself. You just do the equivalent with words, bitter ones. Now how do you feel? Perhaps your anger at MY words will make you realize you have gone TOO FAR. No one in the game is safe from your snarky, vengeful replies. No one is nurtured along because they didn't read a FAQ or spend time researching game rules from 2002. No one is safe from your recriminations if they are singled out by another player because you enjoy pouncing on the weak prey. In other words, you have become uncivilized. You are no longer human beings, but animals prowling the internet for some poor slob that is minding his own business just so you can make an example of him/her and elevate your own ego to superior status, in your eyes. It's a sickness and you are too blind, too proud and too stupid to see it. I think I'll be writing my congresman about legislation to ban all adults from playing online games as it makes them in 12 year olds.   For those of you who play any online games just to play, to have a good time, I applaud you and hope that we will meet in a virtual space some day and have hours of fun together just laughing at the stupid thing we did with that sword or how that NPC lagged us enough to just NEVER die! lol Enjoy!
  3. cyborg512

    Follow This Topic default setting

    Following a topic should NOT be set to send me ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE emails by default! Unlike other forumns this one apperantly does not allow you to login and follow the topics you have chosen but instead dumps all the posts into your email like some kinda SPAM NUT! Really? Change this PLEASE! It's idiotic and wastes time, bandwidth and storage resources all over the internet. Now I have to unfollow and try to find the threads I'm interested in manually. Most unhelpful.   Euri
  4. cyborg512

    Server Shutdown

    Never apologise for an offense if you didn't mean to offend. Let the slacker that takes offense learn to deal with social interactions like this. Seriously, some of you "adults" need to grow up.   Now, about the server (and also this forum) why is it that during beta (last month) that the server worked fine and now that it is "live" it is not? Lack of good planning? Crappy testing? Why go live if the software is now not performing as it should? PLEASE don't tell me you guys went commercial/board room decision "we gots to release before Christmas" on us. Let's get this stuff right before going off the cliff and crashing to the chasm below....every 2 hrs.   And why OH why do I get 121 emails about a followed thread? Did I ask for that? NO! This is a default setting in forum that should NOT be set to on by default. Now I have to spend time (during a crash) looking for the setting or whatever when I could be doing something useful like showering between EnB sessions.
  5. cyborg512

    Server Status (outdated)

    why is the server pooping out every 5 minutes?
  6. cyborg512

    Gate Wars

    How about these two ideas... 1) A special event wormhole that slings you back in time and plops you down in the Gate War. Could be a new sector on the same server perhaps, PvP of course. 2) a separate PvP server called (well DUH) Gate Wars. Just a couple quickie ideas as I play between gates.
  7. is counting his credits for the Nth time!

  8. cyborg512

    EnB Arsenal Link

    Here is the EnB Arsenal link for those of you that think it's gone: EnB Arsenal Database