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  1. hi, When you go to https://www.net-7.org/#cpanel/transfer what do you see ?
  2. Thanks Woodstock Your message got me logging into firefox on my old computer and there is a show password / View logins option that allow users to see login and password. My password was correct I just had one letter in higher case , instead of lower case for it. It's all fixed and ok now , thanks for the fast reply and help.
  3. Forum account = Display Name WhiteOwl Change Email Address whiteowlenb@gmail.com
  4. Hello , I recently bought a new computer , Trying to migrate this account to the new computer I have 2 problems : I lost this account password and I lost the password to the Gmail account this account is linked to. can I get some help ? Thanks
  5. The Sequel is even better than chapter 1 DefinatlyTwo Wings Up !!!
  6. Incredible storytelling, worth a read for anyone who as not done so yet. Two Wings up !!!
  7. WhiteOwl


    Awesome, Two Thumbs or wings up !!!
  8. Great Content, you should write some more
  9. Welcome Back, to this great game !!
  10. Wow, just a lot of Incredible content to read. A lot of gratitude and thanks to those who contributed.
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