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  1. Greetings all. I'm a returning player to EnB after a long hiatus and recently established the Apocalypse Survivors guild in game. AS-EnB is apart of the Apocalypse Survivors Online Gaming Community, with the initial AS clan established in 2004 in Rise of Nations. After playing Star Trek Online for a few years, we started venturing into multiple games because we all enjoyed being together and got tired of trying to find new guilds and groups every game our members went to. Within the community, we members from all around the globe from all walks of life, and welcome all regardless of gaming style, skill level, etc. Since we're just starting out here, we may not have all the luxuries of builders, raiders, etc but over time the end goal is to be able to provide all services (WH, JS, Weapons, etc) and run raids at the Tada-O Gate, FB and more. I invite you to become apart of something that will someday be a guild that the EnB community can look to and depend on for quality service and fun. To join or for more information please feel free to contact me. Wesbite - http://www.hm.apocalypsesurvivors.com/news.php (old website but can give you an idea of our roots. New site is a work in progress)
  2. My main character was(and still is) Seinar.  Was a JE but this reincarnation I went JD.  Played on Andromeda with Order of Chivalry.  If there's and of ya still around would love to resurrect it :)
  3. Ok so I just got this thing this past weekend. I'm curious if its even remotely possible to somehow set this thing up so it can run the emulator and client. I'm going through serious withdraw issues now that I've been out of bootcamp and am without my computer.
  4. Heh, was about to make the same post too until I saw Trapt's. Been busy getting my ass chewed out by RDCs at Navy boot camp the past 8 weeks. Fun times let me tell ya Glad to see things start still chuging along great. Was reading net-7.org and looks like a good deal of things been added in the last month. I didn't see it in the updates, but any new raids placed in or systems? Might just be looking in the wrong place and that's why I'm not finding it.
  5. As soon as ya get in game send me a /t and I'll get ya sorted man. I was in Order of Chivalry in live but always had a yearning to join yas back in the day. Guess I finally got my wish hehe
  6. Sorry, I don't mean to be off-topic here, but I just want to say that I was in guild chat when this all happens, and my God was this some funny stuff! I spilled my beer all over my keyboard I'm still trying to clean it all up. Props to my boy Whitelighter, a true testament to standing his ground and acting like a mature EnB player. Vonbon, your little crew is pretty funny, can't wait until im a high cl enough that I can come play with yas
  7. How convenient as I was gating into Altair III. I really hope I don't get stuck there....again
  8. i really don't have anything to say about this....
  9. Wellp, mebe by the end of my vm installation the server will be back up and running then I can play with two accounts. Double the fun!
  10. I don't think a player wipe will solve anything. They need to concentrate more on QA than content. Get the basic stuff working so we can enjoy a smooth experience day in and day out instead of trying to mess with minor stuff.
  11. Well, I finally got in. Literally had to press login a bunch of times and get booted to desktop about equal amounts. Not sure if it's actually all fixed now, not going to even bother logging out to find out
  12. Nope, just Megan saying she can't validate my login stuff. Sigh, I think it's time to invest in a new login server
  13. Try doing a forced update that should get rid of the INV-300 error. Unfortunately even though that goes away, I'm still unable to login. Or...like what just happened now, I'll login then get client crashes
  14. Well that's good to know and I was going to ask what happened this time lol. The sooner it gets up the sooner I can try out the TS.
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