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  1. When you click on download it flashes and then nothing, and this is no scroll down on it. the download page is not loading correctly . 
  2. ok after experimenting a bit, found that  i needed to put the net-7 proxy and sunirse site in the trusted sites and checked the reoder and it seems to work for now, but never had to do that. ty kyp and zack for helping out.
  3. Okay i am putting that on back burner, now i am having problems staying on without crashing every time i gate or lag out with using skills(i.e shield recharge, hull patch and others) i have trued everything ,pinged my ip and a few others and no packet loss. did the trusted sites ( hope i put the right address in it.) but cant keep any connection, did lose the other 2 ip address with inputting sunrise.net7.org  .... so i am at a loss for any ideas. can't play my fav game :( waaaa
  4. Time and time again, and now when i put the ip at i can have a connection but if i gate multiple times or do some killing i freeze up and ctd. so if sometimes feels like ST 3 all over again. I also tried setting the compatibility setting to every setting and to no use. also did a 2k ping test on my side with 2k back, no am not losing packets. soooo i am stumped 
  5. Been trying to figure out why my game is stuck on these 3 ip's and when i go to the higher IP addresses , it gives me a net7 proxy error. When i use the lower ip it mirrors the movement with both toons. With one being locked out and not able to group form or anything.[attachment=3057:Screenshot (2).png]
  6. Before this week's  critical update from windows, I had no problem with dual boxing before . Now i can't gate without one or both clients crashing. This is on the latest windows 8.1 enterprise. Deleted the client and emu. and re-installed both, still not working. Also on my laptop i can get enb config to work. tried everything, but not working
  7. uban

    2 moniters

    Thank you all for the help, but found out the shift -window -arrow key combo works real fast.
  8. uban

    2 moniters

    TY Kk that worked 
  9. Okay i finnally got a second moniter and want to dual box with them ,but i can't get the game to move over to the 2nd 1 ,how do i do that if anyone knows? I have set the game to play in windows mode .so ca't figure it out.  
  10. uban


    Gets out popcorn and waits for the chaos to boil over :) :blink:
  11. Yes if i am on and you need help let me know . have np helping others ,and i dont even need the adv tag to help . i just like to help players :D
  12. i can confirm that rag is black-holing toons got a lowbie toon to test it out.
  13. ok i missed a added note on the launcher ,click on the  prototype reorder. it helps a whole lot and makes the back the way it was ,gating is faster ,and smother .so sorry i ranted earlier .but that post was added later on the launcher :) just saying !!
  14. Could it be when the dev's worked on the client to make handoffs smoother it kind of tweaked out a bit to much .i am getting a lot of bounceing on laptop(which is wireless ,and a 10 to 15 lag on desktop(hardwired) .. just a thought.
  15. i am also ,and the bouncing back and forth ,the only thing i can do somewhat is mine ,but that is getting harder to do now.
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