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  1. Well, I just suggested to Zackman to put up a status to the portal on both the login server and the server itself, so some of us will know if either the server's down or the login server's down on the Portal (net-7.org). At least, it's been added to the list. Login server's still down as of this message.
  2. Kinda, I know that I needed VMWare or a secondary computer to do it, seeing as how my secondary's not hooked up to the internet, I wasn't sure if my computer had VMWare, ya live and ya learn. Go ahead and close the topic.
  3. ehhh, that actually makes me have 3 accounts... my Main account, my Transfer/Vault account, and, if you really want to, a third account as to which I had no plans on. I don't have a third E-Mail Address however, Nor do I want one for that matter, not unless you change it to an already existing E-Mail (Foreststrike@gmail.com, or MW2366@yahoo.com). ... Well, I guess I can settle with it...
  4. Hey Developers, I made an account just a few minutes ago (not the 'yahoo.com' (Aerostrike) account, that one's been activated), going to my old AOL account as to which I hardly used (MW2366@aol.com). Soo, due to my forgetfulness, I made an account under the name 'Foreststrike' leading to that non-working AOL Account, and thus, never got the Activation E-Mail because it was deactivated. Can I request that the deactivated account be deleted? Thanks, Foreststrike (MW2366)
  5. Devices could, in fact, benefit more if you have modified devices from my 'phases' plus the injector system (honestly, I think it's more balanced), we could ALSO use the existing devices (excluding the 'phases' because we would be forced to create new items from the 'phases') we have right now without creating new devices to perform one function. Essentially, if you have the gas, then you get the injector buff, if you don't, then it'll either do nothing (remember, equipped buff devices), or only buff you with it's base effects (activates, instants). Also for the injector system, I would put in the use of ammo components, then raw gas/refined gas (also from the 'phase' idea, due to accessibility) and draw straight from the vault, rather then using up cargo space for devices. I also think these ammo component stacks should be lessened to 40-120 component stacks, rather then 240. And now for another far out idea: *This part is definately out there, Be Warned* v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Excellent, and Awesome, we can use the refinable ore and the junk ore with the used gasses/asteroids/radioactives/crystals to make the effects. Once we have those ores, it's off to craft the components, and then to craft it as optional (NOT REQUIRED) one-time, only-one-use buffs to beams/missiles/projectiles and shields/reactors/devs/engines. Basically, this would be in the Consumables Department, but we can aptly use the junk/refineable ores Kassina/Zeppelin mentioned, and thus we have CRAFTABLE Consumables (heh, something no other MMO could pull off (Don't spawn a discussion over it)). Now, the other thing is to determine which ores are volatile, add damage, accuracy, thrust, etc., and keep the balance intact. I'm not gonna lie though, the list is gonna be huge to define all the buffs, debuffs, and instants, as well as the crafting tree to get all the effects, and we, of course, can't forget the massive coding project to make sure everything runs smoothly. To return to the original topic of ammo-using beams, and improved upon ( and tell me if I'm going too far with a KoToR II setup here. ), we can use the many different Crystal Ores to focus the beams, and make them using Optical Components, Damage Type can be defined by Gas Ore crafted into Ammo Casing Components and Shielded Casing Components, etc. And thus, you will have a huge myriad of beam customization, but it should be limited by a safety precaution, otherwise there could be a risk of damaging the beam with too high of a level of a Component or Ore (say, by 1-4 levels, 1 being safest, 4 being the dangerous). Anyways, I have pretty much absolved of everything I had to say for today, but yes, I'm clearly a brainstormer here.
  6. At least I gave them an OPTION to use ammo in the phases, they can still use their basic beams like any other, but I'm giving customizability with my stratics here... I DON'T FEEL like the Jenqs should require ammo, but I also want to add to it rather than giving them an example of prison food of "here you go, this is what you get." I want to add possibilities, not restrictions.
  7. Time to destroy this conversation with a Wall Post! C'mon! Bring you're imaginative genious to it's limits! Anyways, I would personally put in gasses to be implemented as new items and 'upgrades' to different 'phases' of Engines/Reactor/Beams. A. Let the Basic Beam not consume ammo, but have the upgraded beams require ammo to fire them so it's not so much a drag on the consumer market... we should also make ammo components and all-gas ammo components to beams (to make it somewhat a challenge, but not too much, say one in... 7 beams that require a specialized analyzeable component for an ammo). The Damage, and Range should increase (Damage should increase 10-100 points on each phase, Range should increase by 0.5k-2.0k), and the Energy Consumption, and Fire Rate should decrease (figurative of Energy Consumption, and Fire Rate: decreased by 10-50 units of energy, and 0.25-1.00 seconds). Should you run out of the required ammo component, then it'll revert to its Basic Beam. B. Again, let's not have a complete dependancy on ore for the Basic Engines, but instead upgrade them to better phases of themselves. Now the phases (and phases would have to be... well in terms of Latin... Delta, and Omega (come up with a third upgrade name to add to the engine, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma's been taken by the Progen)) would require a component that can be drained from the vault of a player, rather than the cargo hold (if such a thing can be feasible). The components will require all-gas and will only be ripped from looted engines from combat or ripped to lesser phases. There should be a minimum of at least 50-100,000 (level 1 to 9) credits for a phase upgrade (improve for balance) because the manufacturing terminal has to fuse in the refined gas (plus container component) with the engine. Should you run out of the required component, it will only drop to the Basic Engine's Warp Speed, Thrust, and Warp Drain, rather then HALVE it so it's lesser than the Basic Engines Warp Speed, Thrust, and Warp Drain. Now, for the gas drain on the more advanced engines, well that will have to depend on the Warp Drain and distance traveled (can't come up with an equation at this moment, will have to leave it to you guys to decide), and subtract that much from your vault, which shouldn't be too much, or too little (I can think of 10.0k-20.0k warp distance would subtract 1 unit of the Component). C. Reactors, again with engines, but this time recharge consumes the component rather than distance... to incorporate this into the game, I would allow the Reactor to be built with all-gas components (into container components). The reactor cap, and recharge on the phases will increase (Figuratively, Cap and Recharge: 50-2500.0 units of energy, and 25.0-150.0 recharge per second), now note, that I haven't included any active or equipped buffs... which will be explained in D.. D. Onto Buffs (Activateable, Equippable, Instants, any and all of the buffs in-game). Equipped decrease buffs - will be lessened in the primary and secondary phases (by 10-30%), but in the tertiary it will be removed completely. Equipped good buffs - in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary phases will be improved (by about 10-30%). Activateable decrease buffs - will be more lethal in primary, and secondary phases (by yet again, 10-30%), and by tertiary the main debuff will be improved (by 10-30%) and include a new debuff for your enemies to fear. Activateable good buffs - they'll be improved (by 10-30%, my favorite numbers for some reason) on the primary, and secondary phases, on tertiary the main buff will be improved (by 10-30%), and include a new, but weaker buff than the main. Instants - I don't exactly know if there ARE bad instants, but all of them (good or detrimental) will be improved on the primary/secondary phases (by 10-30%) and by tertiary will have a new instant or BOOST to the player/enemy, along with the main instant. Now then, sorry for this huuuuge wall o' text, but my main point is that it's a very interesting idea that I took some thought into and this is what I came out with, something the community WON'T HAVE TO use but will be there should they so choose to, and IT WILL BE useful. *Was going to post this earlier today, internet time ran out on me, all these... figures are just rough estimates that I came up with off the top of my head, you, Developers, should come out with a balanced solution to this, we have faith in you. - Foreststrike
  8. All-right... got me a log in, had to Register as such: Username = Forum Username soo, this in turn says: Username: same as Forum Username Password: Confirm Password: Forum Username: same as Username E-Mail: Brain power, what shall we do with it? Now to play with in-game logging-in, should be simple enough... EDIT: and thus it WAS simple enough.
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