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  1. Iskatel

    Oh no the Login server is down :(

    Error: INV-300
  2. Iskatel

    What is the least played class?

    I still can't vote, but I believe TE is the least playable class. Not very powerful, not very versatile, a kind of something this, something that.
  3. Most people here are those, who played original EnB, so they are at least around 30+, and it's hard to expect them to cheat by creating multiple accs to manipulate votes.  But anyway, this is my 5th post. :)
  4. Iskatel

    Finish building the Antares station

    I agree too, that would be awesome.
  5. Played from OBT to Jan 2004 on Pegasus, The Spacing Guild.   For some reason can't vote in poll.