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  1. Where can i buy one?  ;)
  2. hehehehehehe ArthurDent. now you understand the dutch.
  3. finally some one that is saying some hard words about it. that's wy I like the the dutch. and your not a grumpy dutchie your just a dutchie. that's the way we are. and yes I was whining about it and it worked. my point was made to the devs and they chance some thing in the last patch from Saturday what made me happy to see.
  4. we wil see next week Saturday or when the server is going down before that. I really hope that it won't screw up the timers any more
  5. ow it sure was until some mod change 1 topic in 3
  6. first tings first i need to say: Thx Elrick. Second thing i have to say: Yea i know but i wanted to make a good point of it. And maby i was a bit hard  on this topic, but the players that have post some thing here are most of the time US players. And thats wy i went on the fight for some other EU players. I need to say this aswell i have been talking with the players of Builders that live in the EU and some agree with me and some dont. they tell me dont look up a fight with the DEV department. I hope you guys/girls of the DEV or GM department dont take this personal thats not what im trying to do.
  7. that is what it means atm yea unless they can supply us with some thing els its just a wait what the DEV's and GM's are going to say about it
  8. so the DEV's are going to tell the GM's of the game now when they sould spawn raid triggers? would like that can you ask if they spawn right now then?
  9. better now?????? let me know when you need more!
  10. From the EU players that work and play only play afther diner, the most time they are online are in the weekends and they got time to do the raids and im not only talking about the 3 big raids i mean all the raids. But for the 3 big raids they are now screwed because of the timer that is on it and the 2 or 3 spawn that are there are now in the weeks. what makes it realy hard to do raids because when most of the players (mostly US) are done with work and had dinner its between 11PM and 1 AM EU time. then i would say do patch day on the sunday so we got atleast the saterday to raid togather.   So i would say come one with your fight Ulyydian because im not scared and i would only say thing that have been told to me or what i think about it.
  11. BS thats what i think about it and no i cant suply any records when it was down more then a hour because i dont have the server details to do that. or els i would show you. last time it was down was again 90 min and i know there have been times when it was more then that.
  12. i think your the first one to have seen wireclub online with his 5 lvl0 caracters.
  13. Ok we are going to switch on saterday the 24th.
  14. just to make it easy i think Senario 3 is the best solution or els the week wil be realy short for VGE , Static and us (BI)
  15. i agree Overtkill think your first options sounds good.
  16. What to do with all that stuf on my vault toon
  17. let me guess you're not a european. i have been talking to more people of the EU (not all of them) they just feel they are getting screwed over now. 
  18. this is going to look like it's one big joke for zackman. making fun of other players English sorry that mine is not as good as yours but ok. I'm not laughing about this.
  19. But what about the timer raids? normaly we could do them in the weekend.  im from the netherlands and the the time most people in amerika are done with there job and they have eaten. its around 8pm over there and a good time to raid but that wil make it almost imposible for the EU players that have a job or something. that means most raids are going to be done at the middle of the night. we at Builders Inc dit special a raid on sunday so EU and USA players can raid togather. I hope the devs will keep this in mind when they change that.
  20. depens what part of amerika your from  and yes it was 3PM but on a work day. some times its less then half hour some time more.
  21. during the Prime time of the EU. when they do it at this time amerika has  no problem with it because from them its around 6 am and most of them are then still asleep.
  22. on the day that the most people have the day off an can play the server is going down.  :wacko:  :wacko:
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