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  1. Hey bro, wish we could play together once more. I miss you pal.

  2. thanks! Would be realy great if it was possible though.
  3. Hello all, After starting to playing for -real- again with my 2 characters (JD and TT). I noticed the dualboxing thing, now ive got 2 high level chars in one account and if I could use both at same time, some things would be alot easier. I know its my own mistake and that this is just a stresstest, but it would be realy helpfull if you could transfer characters between account. There was a post a while ago with a dev saying it was easily done, is there any news on this? thanks
  4. Hey all, Any news yet if this is possible to transfer chars between account? I also made the mistake of making 2 -main- chars in one account.
  5. I got the quest and got 10 nommos blubber but he wont accept it, he keeps looping about nommos and hippies ect. Any ideas? CL13 OL43 here. =update.= fixed it by killing 3x Nommos Adults (lv.18 mobs) after that it worked like a charm
  6. Hello fellow Enb'ers! Instead of whining about having to download a 1GB file (oh noes!) after reading a certain locked thread. I think its time to say, Thanks to the wonderfull volunteers of this project that gave life again to this wonderfull game. I hearby say: T h a n k s for YOUR time and commitment to return this game to us the players. So share the love fellow players.. dont complain about insignificant things.
  7. Getting used to the new forum.

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