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  1. hi there i just found this topic so let's share a bit:) I wasn't playing in the game in 2002-2004, but.. i was playing in EAB beta before the game was released, later i had a breake with in untill i have found this fantastic place and could fly in the galaxy with no limits . BR
  2. i wish you luck guys
  3. in meantime a have created new section regarding all instalation process. it's in polish but there is also translation engine if needed and screens for those who don't like to read at all ;D https://imperium-ww.pl/pozostale-gry/earth-and-beyond/konfiguracja-klienta-gry/ if something is missing or wrong - pls let me know
  4. Hi i'm looking for a avatars/face or body images of game characters (ship hulls) - terran enfoncer + tradesman, progen warrior+sentinel and Jenquai explorer + defender| i need to finish my subpages of E&B on my website (https://imperium-ww.pl/pozostale-gry/earth-and-beyond/progeni/ https://imperium-ww.pl/pozostale-gry/earth-and-beyond/7055-2/ & https://imperium-ww.pl/pozostale-gry/earth-and-beyond/jenquai/) Plus if anyone got any interesting game graphic or screens ready to share, i'm interested in them as well i could post them in my gallery that i want to rebuild in the near future Thx in advance
  5. yea it's much more common to visit discord chanel than forum few days a day :) so i hope discord channel will go up :)
  6. nope perm link is free >> https://discord.gg/8JatdY6 << in default the link is 1 day only, but just bellow u can swich some options - just pres EDIT as on the fig bellow - from 1 day to everlasting, and unlimited clicks;)
  7. yea - i need install it on my new laptop and will play yea - me too - great times u know (this screens was made during beta tests - it was so fascinating to creating huge parties with mixed group skills activated)
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