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  1. It happens on bio and mechanical mobs, whether i have damaged them a lot, or barely touched them. They are still shooting at me with no visible reduction in the mobs firing rates/damage received to my ship. It just seems to occur sporadically at times that follow no pattern or logical explanation.   Also I keep receiving an error message that often reads "this skill cannot be used for another 43943573495834958 seconds" ... which is a tad excessive as a cool down if you ask me :P
  2. Anyone else keep getting this error message when trying to energy leech targets?  It happens on untouched/half dead/mostly dead mobs that have not previously been hit with any kind of reactor drain skills/devices and usually happens when I need energy the most! see below: [attachment=2337:ScreenShot61.jpg]
  3. Okay since I have been receiving a LOT of tells recently about the teach's servant/waking nightmare mission, here is a brief rundown of events that took place on my quest for this! 1. Speak to teach's servant 2. Obtain CVE (contrained voltoi essence) (NOT CFE) 3. Speak to servant again 4. Seek out ONI @ the contiuum wrinkle in xipe totec 5. Speak to teach's servant 6. kill 12 Chavez Commanders @ Secret chavez HQ in paramis (locaed with X on your keyboard) 7. Gather friends/mercenarys to help you with the "6 man ecounter" at the chavez HQ after activating by speaking with nav at appropriate time - feel free to /t me with help for this as I am always available to help 8. Speak to teach's servant again 9. trade CVE for waking nightmare 12% -> 20% turbo   these steps are not directly in line with the mission steps but this is the basic run down of events that took place for me. I am happy to answer and help anyone with any part of this mission and incidentally trade my CVE to advance the first step for you but you will need to acquire your own CVE's to trade to teach's servant for the waking nightmare after the 6 man ecounter to receive the waking nightmare   Hope this helps anyone attempting this mission!
  4. Logged in fine when server came back up, went to switch to another toon, now sometimes can get to character select but won't load past galaxy map :(   edit: working now :S
  5. It's always right when I'm about to have fun!
  6. Maybe so, in hindsight getting some great "gift" that I did not earn would only decrease it's value anyway. I like that there are new and boy let me tell you challenging ways to get new loot/rewards! Such as the new mission from Teach's Servant While difficult and frustrating, I was REALLY enjoying it (until server just died)
  7. I remember Anla-Shok but I was not a member.. I went to the dark side after I was accepted into A99 after making a name for myself on the server.
  8. At first I thought "oh well screw this BS it isn't like what I played before" but then I realised that different doesn't mean worse. If the game never changed at all or evolved in any way then what would be the point? As a human being I fear change.. but I learn, and adapt. In turn I feel better for it. The game is hard now I agree.. but I am very proud of the things I have accomplished in light of this!
  9. I really felt that the 3 sp reward while great for some toons.. was pretty useless to me. Was really hoping that Santa would of been giving tangible gifts like weapons/devices but as this is not the case there is no need for my current toon to bother with the mission
  11. fingers crossed! I am looking forward to flying the chosen flag
  12. Let it be known that The Chosen are really, REALLY nice folks! After coming back to EnB since the game shutdown at sunset... they have helped me no end, and I have made a lot of great new friends. I coudln't be happier to be in the guild. An given the chance.. neither could you! So come join us!
  13. Does this forum also come in red? This grey is so depressing
  14. What treacherous villainy is this! The player count goes up... but I can't get past the map same as these poor souls
  15. It's worse than that.... he's dead Jim....
  16. AHAHA I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time!
  17. Someone poke it with a stick or something
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