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  1. I'm not sure if it's like mordona or somthing inbetween. What I have heard from people that trigger it is they are just killing and it spawns. I did hear one guy say there was a 3 pack of a mob type and it spawned off of there.(this was for scooter) If this is the case what we need to figure out is if this spawn is on a timer or comes around by killing. I suppose we just need to kill more to understand the mechanic.
  2. what new wh skill?

    Np I'm a builders inc member. We use guild portal. I believe you need to be a member. I personally plan on posting my guides if I make more there first then a few days after here. (This was actually my first guide) just search builders inc earth and beyond emulator. On my phone otherwise I'd post the link.
  3. what new wh skill?

    I've reposted it as my issue was not with open access to information,but with not crediting the source. Please see below. 1. Gather: L4 Elctro D4 Supercinductor, L7 Quark Quantum brain 360, L7 Nova Armored Vault, 5x Decayed Jenquai Heads, 5x decayed Progen heads, and 5x Decayed Terran Heads. 3 cartons of eggs (Somerland station), and rum from the drones in bbw or Shang Li Chun on QAR. ABA asteroid  AA-244 in center for heads. cl 13 for all three types (these are east of nav) cl 10 (these are around the nav for progen/jenquai Vendors for comps (I used Jupiter and f-7)  *As a side note the decayed human bones are useful to keep for cement 2. Travel to Tokai Saikutsu on Dahin planet and speak to Tabias Mats to start the mission "Boldly Go where no one has gone before". He is in the lounge. 3. Travel to Ishuan station and speak to the Dr. H'neydoo in the lounge. This will give you the "Green Inititive : Why did the chicken cross". (I went from Kailaasa to Yokan to Castor system.) 4. Go to Arduine planet and talk to the essence research lab near the warder spawn. 5. Give the 3 components that you collected earlier to the lab. Be sure to respond with " I've learned not to mess..." 6. Return to Dr. H'neydoo on Ishuan station. 7. Speak to Mr. Beeker in the same room. Reply about chickens. 8. Talk to Mr. Beeker again. He will give you the mission "Green Initiative : You'd forget your head if it was't attached" 9.  Travel to Jagrstadt City in alpha centeri on Zweihander planet. Speak to Dr. Sacha Ileiko. (You may need to move the heads in inventory to update the mission) 10. Kill the large blue plant outside the city located 5km south of earthcorp research station ~15min timer. Name is Audrey the Weed Popper 11. Return to Dr. Sacha Ileiko to update the mission. 12. Go to Endiago planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in lounge. 13. Use the wormhole on endrigo planet to go to Risco moon. Once there scan the getco sleeper ship. 14. Return to Porvenir Mons on Endrigo planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in the lounge to get your first sample. (you may need to move around your heads if the mission does not update) 15. Travel to  Paren station and talk to Hsing Fu'un.(main room) 16. Talk to Hsing Fu'un again. 17. Return to Ishuan station and talk to Mr. Beeker. 18. Talk to Dr. H'neydoo. 19. Return to Tokai Saikutsu on Dahin planet and talk to Dr. Tobias Mats. 20. Travel to witberg in Alpha Centari. Once there scan Zephram's Warp.  21. Travel to Vishao's Cove in Capella.Once there scan Kashmir's Flow. 22. Travel to Venus in Sol. Once there scan Vineri Stamen. 23. Return to Tokai Saikutsu on Dahin planet and talk to Dr. Tobias Mats. 24. Talk to Tobias Mats again with the rum. (You may need to move it in your cargo for the mission to update.) You now have the new wh skill.            Edited by s20justin 12/21/2014 6:40 PM (Most Recent)
  4. what new wh skill?

    For those of us without RD faction the Yum-o-Rum drops in Venus.  20k west of Nav Commerce Lane 4, level 26 "Novice Dragon Drone" Contributed by Cre.
  5. what new wh skill?

    I suppose it happens. Actually I spent a better part of the day preparing it. Posted it on our website then today was gonna post it here. Figured I would see if someone else already did the guide and I saw my guide word for word.
  6. what new wh skill?

    Just have one issue with it you stole my guide and presented it as your own. Even too lazy to change it please give credit next time...
  7. Wasted Raid Triggers and the Public

    Our policy (BI) is to only participate when invited. Also we roll on loot only if the public says we can before the raid. With that said I have helped out in multiple public raids and have always heard you shoot you loot. The second thing I'd like to talk about is the wasting trigger topic. My understanding previously is the rotation is an agreement between the big 3. With that said it use to be that if a public group is able to get together a reasonable size group and start the raid before one of the big three, the big three are not to interfere. Is this still the case? (I was on a break when the public raid week came about so I'm unsure if an alternate agreement was made.)
  8. Spreading The Word..

    It would be nice if we could get someone on twitch tv or a similar website. The only issue i see is the person that used twitch could be making money for advertisements or donations. I'm not sure if this messes with net-7s non-profit status or if its even an issue since the person would be a third party.  
  9. Post 150 Raid Suggestions

    I gave ideas as requested, but i'm not one to sit back and not say something when a dev or anyone puts out negative comments. If it would of been just comments that individuals and small groups are not included that would be fine, but instead he points the finger and declares all large guilds as snobbish by nature as well as non-accepting of others. This is putting the blame on the large guilds rather than the lack of content for individuals and small guilds.  As for him producing or not producing it's a volunteer position I would expect him to either produce or step down.  Lastly on your comment on  making this account to post this if you look at my profile you will July of 2012 was when this account was created and it is my only account, I've just never been  active on the forums. So this account has actually been here longer then the account your posting on as a date of February 2013.  
  10. Post 150 Raid Suggestions

    In other games there are varying difficulties of raids based on skill level with appropriate drops based on the challenge. The mechanics of the lessor raids are similar but more forgiving for less geared players or smaller groups. In essence you learn to do the difficult raids in baby steps. Would it be possible for us to use something similar in current raids or separate triggers that are easier to make for easier difficulty?    In response to the ignorant comment by Ulyydain "Anyone not meeting XXX criteria they don't want, period." is false. I know because I joined one of the big three by simply asking in new player channel if anyone was recruiting for a guild. This is hardly the acts of an elitist bunch that accepts only xxx.  He also claims, "The plain fact is the big guilds are very snobbish by nature. I've watched the chat, I've talked to them myself." He is making a generalization. There are probably individuals in the big three that are snobbish, but it is not fair to judge a large group of people  based on the perception of a few.   We do need more content for all sizes thats a given, but we need to keep in mind that the best gear should go to the individuals and guilds that put in the time and effort. That could be anyone or any guild, but lets avoid the "easy button" for those who do not wish to put in that time and effort.