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  1. I got this as well.  Mine happened after the L100 HU.    I am currently OL 116 and my mission log is clear.   VaneTE is the affected toon.
  2. I, too, disliked multi until  just got tired of begging for groups.  I don't like solo play at all and multi is a very poor substitute indeed.   However I will do what I can to advance my characters in the short spurts of time I have.  It seems that I leave town for a few days and when I come back; any groupie friends I have made are too far ahead of me.   If anyone wants to group I am all for it.  I like the challenge of overcoming mobs with what skills we have on hand.   My apologies, Phorlaug, when I brought my TE alt into a group we had.  I was not aware of your feelings on the matter at the time.   Vane
  3. This may not be needed later on but if it's easy to code it could help. Another button next to Download CSV. Call it Send CSV and allow it to be mailed through the portal like what is done with Item mail. So when I want to donate or trade to other players, each can see what the other has.
  4. After 25 players the gerbil went on strike and is demanding Valium.
  5. I wish this post had solutions...however it's just a hint for the DEV. This concerns an increase in gate hangs, station hangs and login CTD's While these crashes and hangs were with me throughout my time here. I notice that they really kicked up some notches after a portal patch just before BETA. Since the update reports when portal does it's thing seldom list any changes I can only offer a vague timeline. I think we have had about 4 portal patches recently and I believe the troublemeker was 2nd before Beta. Confusing I know. Patch 1 > Patch 2 > Beta > Patch 3 > Patch 4 if I recall. Patch 1 seemed to start the trouble. I hope this helps zero in on the culprit.
  6. It's an uprising! The Proletarian Hamster Revolutionary Party has stopped the wheels. ...or it just bunked off for a smoke and a bit of a nap. Though I would rather they did it on weekdays
  7. Maybe I am reading you wrong but are you proposing something that can be refereed to like: [size=5]Terran Scout[/size] [b]Afterburner - It makes you go faster.[/b] [i] I cannot Jump Start people or myself.[/i] [i] I try to activate Null Shield and it says that another skill is active.[/i] Other skills cannot be used while Afterburner is ON. Activate it again (toggle) to switch it off. This is by design because scouts are idiots and cannot do two things at the same time. -OR- It should be concurrent skill. We are aware of this but it's a low priority item at this time because of yada yada.. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. [quote name='Savanna' timestamp='1340380435' post='59434'] How do they "unlock the door" if they're inside the server? Isn't it just the login server that needs to be restarted? [/quote] It was Earth humor. Sing along with me, "Ha ha".
  9. Only 4 people left. I guess job terminal camping is really not an issue at this point. Would one of you four please unlock the door? It's raining out here.
  10. Okay. That's enough time wasted. Get back to pacing with the rest of us!
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