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  1. Ok I went to do my level 75 HU and everything went well until after I went to the shipyards.  The credits were taken but I was not given the upgrade. I then checked my Mission tab and it now said to go and get my next hull upgrade. I found this odd but figured maybe it was a glitch so I logged off came back on and still no upgrade and I still had the mission to get my admiral upgrade. I figured what the hell it is messed up already so I went and did that upgrade, well creds were taken but no upgrade. Now my mission window is empty and I am still flying around with my lvl 50 hull and my toon is now OL 82.  Not sure what I can do to fix this.  Anyone else have this issue? I put in a ticket on Friday when this happened no response and I have only seen on GM online and he told me to make a ticket. Really would like to progress with this my toon. Toons name is Outcast its on a different account from this one.   Thanks
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