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  1. I have not played in about a year and was wondering if we had this working on Windows 10? I know this i=has already been asked . Just do not see it in forums.
  2. Bluebull

    Healer Agro

    Think main issue is if we are to be dependent on skills such as enrage/hack/etc they should work better then what they do.
  3. We will just make them so hard you have to zerg them so only a few guilds on server can do them.....ya that will work . 
  4. I force updated it and changed from windowed mode to full screen and it seemed to fix it
  5. Noticed this happening this morning. I try to log in. I enter my password and press accept and BOOM! Net-7 closes. Is there a fix for this ? Can someone please assist me?  
  6. What for I know they are fixing it now , but what was the exploit?
  7. Yep its down. Totally Ross's fault
  8. Should figure a way for us to use Snap feature of windows 7 and the game. That would be awesome
  9. C Del I think what you guys are doing is awesome. However what is causing these random crashes and are we just resetting it without finding the source of the issue? Just curious cause the crashes seemed more ... Often then usual.
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