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  1. Well this might be way out of place here, but for me EnB was an MMO Elite of sorts. I thought I'd post a link to the Kickstarter project for anyone else who may be interested. [url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous?ref=live"]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous?ref=live[/url]
  2. First, welcome to the project. If you are looking for a good (free) space MMO, look elsewhere, or return when this is a live game, this is a test and should not be assumed to be a working product until it is stated as such. Thank you for your support, and keep trying!
  3. vasi

    How many IT

    Retarded Systems Engineer here.
  4. Try gating in from Odin's, freewarping west 100k, then north to sector edge, then east. This will circumnavigate the gravwell.
  5. The xp at 150 is that of EL50 CL50 TL50. So killing a CL50 mob on your own will give you 1000xp As regards the quantity of XP required, I am not sure, I supposed it to be slightly more than L49 xp amount.
  6. Kangaroo I've posted the reason for the wipe, you might want to try reading it as it kind of negates all your points.
  7. ARGH my bandwidth! Hehe nice city, but a few typo's .... Fernis, Feyra, Boregil, Terra Airport?
  8. Navigation is the reason why GMT exists, being at Longitude 0
  9. Assuming that's US Eastern Standard Time : clicky
  10. Anchorman \o/ A peacock lays an egg on top of a hill in the Northern Hemisphere which slopes equally on all sides, which way does it roll?
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