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  1. http://bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe is the correct download address
  2. http://bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe is the correct web address. Bothouse.com does not use SSL encryption for downloading files from the site.
  3. Bothouse.com is not a secure site with SSL. Remove the S from your web address http://www.bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe
  4. bothouse.com is my site, and I've been hosting the ENB files for multiple years now. If you're having issues downloading perhaps I can help. I just did a test download on the ENB files, and all worked fine for me.
  5. Every time I try to load the game, after the login (name, password) is accepted. I get a window that pops up labled client.exe - no disk the error messag says "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \DevicHarddiskDR1." With options to cancel, try again, or continue. Selecting any of these shuts the whole thing down. I've had to reinstall the game three times, which temporarly fixes the problem, but.. keeps coming back
  6. Tien, Per your request last night, the server started doing that sector handoff lockup issue again at approximately 11 hours 15 mins..
  7. Ascentian

    BB ammo samples

    The Capture the Cargo missions as I understand it is supposed to be repeatable. However after doing a round of it (start with Memnon, turn in gasses, talk to var, do mission, get Symbol back, and talk to Memnon again) Var will not give you Capture the Cargo mission again. Ergo, the *repeatable* part of the mission is not working.
  8. Net7 Proxy 1.96 / Net7launcher 1.9.9 / Windows XP Since the Net7 proxy was updated to 1.96 I'm having endless connection problems. Between all the errors from the proxy and just plain old crashes of Net7 and disconnects, it's been impossible to stay connected. Problems in order of frequency: Opcode errors packet errors Port 3501 and 3800 (I think! window closed too fast) being "reset" for no apparent reason This is a fresh install of XP with all updated applied and network/video/sound drivers to the latest available.
  9. Ascentian

    BB ammo samples

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working.. After doing Memnon's mission and going to Var, I'm currently on step 1/5 "Talk to the salvage crew at the pax decima".. Ok I'm at the pax decima, and the mission will not update. I've logged, and relogged, and ignored it for a day and came back, but it still doesn't update.
  10. It's not so much the 135 upgrade that's the issue, it's the bonus missions themselves prior to 135 that set you on the right path to do the other missions for the BB and CFB. There's a lack of clarity in what one is supposed to do. My own PW has done every mission at every hull upgrade, and is still prevented from being able to acquire the BB mission, and there is no way to get back on the right path either. There is no indication, or even a slightest hint that I could find that leads you in the proper direction to the ultimate end goal. You've put a big enough carrot at the end of these upgrade missions for most people to follow through with them. But haven't provided a means to ensure you can complete the progression successfully. It is exceedingly annoying to have put in all the time and effort necessary at each stage, only to be locked out of the final goal.
  11. Found the DNS issue thread, at https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/346-password-issue/page__st__20 which did at least temproarily solve the problem.
  12. Is it possible to fix or disable mobs with grav-link skill? It's not working anywhere near close to correctly. Holy cow, 9K range and the total immobility of the player once hit with it.. Obviously not functioning as intended.
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