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  1. Back in live, the sulami pirates set up gravity wells in sectors such as Freya, and demand a ransom or open fire on anyone caught in them. This was an anti-afk measure, as well as flavor, if you could find ways to avoid them without having to pay (Or just beat them down at a high enough level). Also, If I remember correctly, some grav wells in sectors such as freya were supposed to be temporary, and aren't always in the same place, as they don't show up on databases like the permanent ones on the map databases. What I'm requesting, is that you add back the ransom feature, or at least fix the pathing in some of these sectors so it doesn't obsessively try to take you through gravity wells.. It's just no fun abruptly getting dropped out of the warp into the middle of a group of 42s that open fire with zero chance to react.
  2. I think part of the issue is that combat jobs aren't available on all stations the way they were in live. On a side note though, a little more variety on the mobs killed would be nice. Killing mane after mane loses it's interest after a certain amount of time.
  3. Some of us have huge libraries of items that we can make. However, the lists can get so long it's sometimes hard to remember what we have and what we don't. Would it be possible to add something to the right-click tooltip for items that could give an indication as to whether or not a player has an item printed? This would save a ton of going back and forth between vendors and the manu terminal on stations.
  4. A "triangular" route is one where there's 3 stops...buy goods A at station A, sell at station B, buy goods B, sell at station C, buy goods C, sell at station A, repeat. I believe there's one betwean Norstrand Vor, Arx Emporos, and Jotunheim.
  5. >< oh right, forgot about negotiate. But anyways, back to the gates, without RD faction the trip is much longer typically.
  6. What we're talking about is the gates that take you through blackbeards wake normally require friendly Red dragon rep for them to be used. Right now, they're open to everyone. Once the game gets out of beta, you can't use the pirate gates unless you grind up RD rep, and you have to go the long way otherwise. And I don't see how you're getting 100k per run, there's no way you can get that much from a full cargo sale alone, as exploration exp only happens once per discovery.
  7. Enb server here...LF JS, any JE's out there? Hello?....Anybody? I kid. Seriously, keep up the good work devs. Been glued to this game the past few days, there will be shinies for you guys.
  8. Ah, good point, forgot about the red dragons. Still, point stands. Once things are working the way they should, you gotta earn the right to use that gate, in which case fenris to ragnarok is a heck of a lot easier.
  9. Now THAT idea, I like. Would make it much easier for explorers to sell resources to others when nobody is around, although they probably wouldn't get as good a price as they would face to face. Would only refined resources be buyable this way? I seem to recall there were some resources where if you vendored them, it was actually better to vendor the raw version because of the refining cost.
  10. I noticed they haven't been implemented yet. They were a big help for starting terran tradesmen, altbough the fact that Terran now has a miner class might mean we're not so desperate for resourcing help. I seem to recall they had a select inventory of resources...nothing higher than level 5, and they didn't have everything. If you guys aren't planning on implementing them, might I have a suggestion? Make them a sort of information counter. When you talk to em, they give you a hint for one resource for the selected level (selected via choice) on where to find it. Like, selecting level 1 might say "A mining vessel in Asteroid Belt Alpha has reported a large deposit of herculinium near nav buoy 5" (I know, this isn't true in game, just an example). The tip would change every day, both in location and in resource type featured.
  11. I dunno. Not to shoot you down or anything, but the fenris somerled run takes a LONG time. Fenris to Ragnarok...you don't even leave aragoth, it's just 6 jumps, the fenris run is twice as long. If the reward is ONLY 6k EL exp for 2 round trips, then I can see that being maybe just a little low, but do they pay you any credits as well? If so, then the mission sounds about right.
  12. I can get in game just fine now, and post on these forums, but for whatever reason I can't log into the Net7 website. I'm trying to submit a bug or two that I've found, but it won't let me into the mantis site. Do I need to do something to be approved for submitting bugs?
  13. I recently just started a TE, and I noticed the starting zone has changed quite a bit. I remember the shipyards were scuttle infested, and the scrap yard had a bunch of drones of some kind...haywires, I think? The changes I don't mind, it's still the wonderful game I know and love, but I am dissapointed in the fact that this change has deprived me of one of the best drops in that zone. The "Needlenose's slingbeam" was an awesome level 1 beam weapon that I always picked up to trade to friends starting as jenquai, as it's quite powerful for a level 1 beam. The problem is that "needlenose" is now a kind of bio mob swarming the scrap field, so the thing doesn't drop anymore. It would be really great if you guys could make sure you don't forget any of these special items from named mobs, they added flavor to the game, and were a great economy booster as well for some of the more powerful ones.
  14. Here's a thought. I don't know much about code, or if this is possible but...a device with a certain cooldown...say 10 min for example, that instantly teleports you to a selected nav point within your given sector. It would be unique, so no more than one at a time, and would be unusable in combat. Basically, something to help people cross the insanely huge sectors that take up so much time. See, I have no problem with the smaller ones, like Earth, for example. It's the absolutely massive ones that are game time killers. Something like this would take the edge off travel time, while still keeping the scope of the game intact.
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