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  2. 1) Good to know 2) Can you translate that into actual current data ? Who is on the board who is on the reserve board ? 3) Ghostbuster would disagree ... 4) Why I see a need for an aprroved new entity separate but cooperating with the current setup. Your current tax setup is great but very limiting 5) Example Friend of e&B is created , independantly from the EMU , they have there own server and actualized tools access. they are able to hire employee and create content based on contract from the player or any entity requesting it. More of a independant pactching and content creating service that dont have to be limited by your US based requirement for taxation and current limitation. It's not negative. - New content for all race and class from 1 - to level 9 - More raids and activeation device for existing raids - Advancement in the storyline - Possibly some PVP - etc ... I gave it two tries. Once as applicant for content développement the other as a student into mentoring to become an aspirant content developper. Three if you count my time as Player advocate. So the burden of trial was meant by me , I did not pass your requirement and frankly a lot of other do not as well as I have proven without a doubt your demand and requierement are too high. I don't even get why you'r still offering and discussing this , I moved on from that and I have no hill will toward you for that at all , do you ? People have gotten used to no GM or waiting for woody to come on , not exactly a high as far as GM offer goes based on the hsitoric of people doing it. No offense to you or wooddy but the minimal should be 1 GM online and again due to life restraint and human reality woddy ca't be cloned at this time and can't be here 24/7 365 days You migh want to build a specific website tool that show GM last time online. Since you want to discuss time , you said that you can't have 40 ful time developper That translate into 120 fully devoted amateur people people at the minimum and 600 if you want them to contribute 4 hour per week only do you have between 120 and 600 CDEV today ? Would be impossible for me to have a full view , suggesting that and that my observation are meaningless seem a bit far fecth and for the crowd more then actually what I observed. Getting you to realize that your tax exempt setup , alone on it's own is limiting growth and development would be a miracle at this point. What I wrote - Split/outsource the content development - Split/outsource the crowdfunding from the Emu - Split/outsource the marketing and promotion of the game - Eventually get the crowdfunding high enough to buy back the copyright The remaining team out of your own accord and word are unable to meat content patch upgrade requirement and tool modification concuretly no fault of your's or them you lack ressource and man power and it's probably due to lack of funding. Agree to disagree on any willing to learn, use our tools and communicate/write effectively I am a data guy : beside me and my two attempts how many requested to help and how many did you allow to do so ? Content development is learned , access to your tools is hiden and limited, communicating with you with the best of intention is hard. you expect people to be Mozart like you, wich the vast majority of us will never be. EA did not see the 250 million / 1 billion game Earth and Beyond could have been. You also passed the copyright and shutdown requirement 2-3 years ago and are grandfathered rights to play by now. Being afraid of taxes is a US fear , as canadian we say how much and split it among ourseles to get more service. So to resume the EMU as to stay as his and none of what i proposed can be done with and inside the current EMU setup Hence the logical conclusion his to go outside of it and cooperate with it un-officially. do you understand th difference here ? I don't want to work with you , under you or be tied to you because you are tied to contract and taxes setupt that are limiting possible growth. Are you open to outside cooperation or do I have to do everything under the guise of ROGUE fans ?
  3. Cipher

    Music and private collections of

    Just a quick update to let you know, if you are still interested in this, that I will be providing a more user-friendly build of one of my mix editors along with instructions on how to switch the music out this weekend, likely tomorrow (Saturday).
  4. Out of all this, my main take-away will be: Tooling is a very hard, and very underappreciated branch of development. It is at best invisible and at worst looked at as those guys. People know it's different, very few people are naturally inclined to it, and those that are, well, they are different. In a very good way. But they should have their work be more visible. If you guys have a writer on hand, just a post saying *We have these tools, and omg they are so bad right now. Here's our plan to fixing them and getting back to making content* will put a heart under a lot of players who feel little is happening. tl;dr: <3 you guys
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  6. 1) You missed the "and David" part I'm guessing. He has every bit of the access I do, you just don't hear from him much. 2) The existing board votes you into a reserve board member slot, if a board member leaves or resigns, we pull one of those up to the Board. This is generally a group of current and former developers. 3) There is no hostile takeover, there is only Zuul. 4) The board will not entertain a transfer of any property or money in any way other than direct charity donations from the player base. If that ever becomes insufficient we shut the servers down. The reason for this is part of the tax exemption agreement we have stipulates that under no circumstance can donations be rewarded by any sort of prize or improvement. If we paid taxes it would be a possibly different story to an extent. 5) That's probably a question for a lawyer, but what do you mean by "making content" for the game? If you want to do that just work on the things I've told you would help and come back to me and maybe we give it a try. I am sorry you take a negative view or think you see no progress, what i've been doing for the past six months along with several of our other developers is improving tool sets so we can start to roll out content more efficiently. This seemed like a better use of time than a monthly patch we struggled to meet again and again. What progress is it that you want to see? GMs have not indicated a need for more GMs. Woodstock would let me know as necessary for that. With regard to observation, I don't think you have a whole view of what you think you have a whole view of. We take a fair amount of donations to keep the servers up and keep the game going, it's at least a few thousand a year and it reflects on this organizations tax report, which I still have to do and report every cent that comes in. It's a little awkward to explain how a tax-exempt company appears to be profiting, it's one thing to build up a balance if we are going to make a known and planned purchase but growing it indefinitely would be something that would draw inspection. This is generally scrutinized pretty heavily and our purpose is to keep the game alive as indefinitely as possible while growing it as we can. What exactly is it you're hoping to accomplish? We'd like to see some more donations too but we can't accept them conditionally which most crowdfunding requires. This is the problem. The existing team can expand the game content, and any willing to learn, use our tools and communicate/write effectively are more than welcome to join us to help generate new missions and stories and other interactions for people to enjoy. I think like some others have suggested that if you do that, you are doing it of your own accord and you are risking the wrath of Electronic Arts as has been suggested. They are known to jealously protect their content. For the most part, I think they have ignored us precisely because we don't attempt to make any more than necessary to keep the game server running for everyone. As someone noted, if they see a profit on their idea/intellectual property they're going to take a more keen interest and it leads to being shut down which no one wants.
  7. Fiery Paragon

    Useful Sites for EnB

    Thank you very much Leanne. I am sorry, I cannot upvote you at this moment in time, for your wonderful help, my daily limit as been reached
  8. Leanne

    Useful Sites for EnB

    I think the current list of useful sites is: http://enbmaps.de/ https://enb.gearlist.co.uk/ http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/ http://cygni61.000webhostapp.com/
  9. Fiery Paragon

    Useful Sites for EnB

    Lots of those website links seem to have gone elsewhere or are currenty down ?
  10. Fiery Paragon

    How do I get the new classes?

    Thanks cypher , I don't know that I would have been able to do all that modification on my own
  11. Fiery Paragon

    New Player Help

    I tried following the links to the information, are the site currently down or the site just no longer maintained ?
  12. Fiery Paragon

    Walk-Through: Mail In Game (with pictures)

    Still relevant in 2019 ?
  13. Fiery Paragon

    Damage Inc.

    Can anyone jask to join ? I am new to the game, my progen too
  14. Stoop

    2019 Active Guilds

    The Antisocialites are, for the most part, active, however their founder is under threat of being ousted due to her talkative nature.
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  16. 1. No one is discussing startign a new Earth and Beyond under a different entity. 2. NPO can receive service, aid and equipment on loan for free from outside contributors. 3. Don't put too much into what the DEV say , there history and past action contradict a lot o there own rules and own words. Why I suggest ceating many different entity to not be tied with those rules and contract. EA does a lot of stupid things, that have nothing to do with cost or profit 1. Are you a lawyer ? 2. Professional copyright and game industry Lawyer tell me I can 3. it,s a common pratice these days to separate promotion and marketing from content even between ownership and creation even patent are in other corporation/llc Promotion and marketing and outside patching is intellectual property theft ? Just to be clear NO and not at all Do you know how many Windows , Apple, Linux , OUTSIDE service and paching company there is worldwide ? Your non argument is based of some Asian racism the biggest intellectual property thieve are in the USofA followed by russia. You see my Name on that Cntract ? Is your's on it ? Are you on the emu board ? 1. Show US a copy of that contract 2. Scan it and Show me a outside developper section 3. Scan it and Show me a Crowdfunding section ( since crowdfunding is newer than that contract ) BTW don't ever call me or suggest thievery on my part. What I suggest as been done / allowed By EA , recently Also contract can be renegotiated and what is not or people not in that contract by signature are not bound by it Laywer seem to think no one will pay millions to create a non profit to contribute to a non profit movie /game / edifice and that crowdfunding cannot raise 250 million or more. Since when is EA a tax collector in any country ?
  17. How can 7 new sector had been made by EA time machine ? You do know that what EA did is on display on some site and if you take your time studying it one can tell every change made to every sector specifically. The hidden race newbie sector where incomplete and there ship not properly working The hidden ship never where included in the selection process ... The Dev team did a fantastic job with what they got whcih was basically nothing , it was not a turn key solution that they just had to switch back on, they had to rebuild almoste entirely everything Why don't you go take a class in Computer hsitory and see that a lot of development was made by people improving on closed technology but not copying it. 250 million reason Tied to demand that are now making development and game continuity almost impossible Kyp fatigue and unwillingness to go back to how it started and evolved because it bring in too much content that is not pro level and since he his unpaid and can't pay full timer and has a more demanding outside life is unable to give it the time it is needed as he once did. 1. As an EA minority shareholders I don't really have to entertain your personnal feelings. Do I ? 2. My goal si to Free Kyp from is contract shackles and legal slavery by legal means. 3 I want to give him and the Earth and Beyon project more funds , more develloper , more freedom so that more player can enjoy the game and that the content and game play reflect what the game could truly be 34 127 is the number of accounts that can play the game and is registered , the game as at most 200 player on it these days.
  18. My understanding from some of the DEVs is that EA owns the rights to the name, as well as the code. The EMU has very limited rights to operate a not for profit version -- it serves as an outlet for those who would otherwise be poking EA every other day to bring the game back -- which EA isn't going to do because of the cost involved. You can't, legally speaking, organize a separate corporation or other entity to take over or promote EnB. That would be theft of intellectual property which is aggressively litigated worldwide [except in China and then only in favor of Chinese entities]. Like it or not, we have to work within the confines of the contract with EA. Unorganized fan action in unofficial forums and venues, is, legally, the responsibility of those fans -- but the EMU can not in any way approve of or contribute to such actions. That would be another contract violation.
  19. This was already in the game but never activated by EA. How would this make any difference seeing as EA own the game and they will be under the same constraints as Kyp. If you want the game to change as you say why don't you go and spend the 10 years reverse engineering the game and creating your own new pieces of software to program it. Then come back. Why should Kyp and his friends who did this for fun give it up to someone else? It is their game to run how they like, if you don't like it leave and create your own then you can run it however you like.
  20. Cipher

    Music and private collections of

    The version of the WW engine E&B uses supports .mp3, .wav, and .ogg audio, and the game's sound assets are pretty distributed between the various formats. The in-game music is broken up into a few mp3 files packed into the sound mixfiles ({RegionRace}Wander{ID0}-{ID1}, ex: TerranWander01-1.mp3 packed into mixfile_sound_09). It is possible to replace this music with your own mp3 files in the mixfiles, but you cannot add additional music that was not already there; you can only replace existing tracks with your own. To do so you will need a tool that can unpack and repack, or simply edit-in-place the appropriate sound mixfiles. I am hesitant to release my/our tools for this but you may find similar tools in the RenegadeTools pack or other W3D tool packs (although I can't endorse the safety of any of them). Note: This is completely unsupported by the emulator and the development team. If you break something it is up to you to fix it. (But if you send me a private message I'm more than happy to help you fix what you broke!) If you decide to attempt this, please be aware that if an update touches a mixfile that you have edited, you will have to re-apply the change you made to the newly-updated mixfile. Space Music Battle Music Station Music Bonus Music!
  21. Why I suggest creating new independant entity with people on the board Nothing against new company / fan base creating old tools Why i suggest ceating different entity We have 7 NEW sector ? plus the 3 hidden class and there newbie sector ... Why I suggest we need to split the need into other entity
  22. Fiery Paragon

    Wolf's Daughter - Ch. I

    fascinating story so far
  23. Fiery Paragon

    Wolf's Daughter - Ch. II

    can't wait to read next chapter
  24. Fiery Paragon

    Community for Roleplayers - Post your Character Bios!

    Fascinating interesting read
  25. Fiery Paragon


    any follow up or did ti change to a roleplaying website ?
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    Damage Inc.

  28. A problem is if net-7 had the financial resources to do things like buying game rights from EA, EA might think there's money still in the game and try to get the EMU shut down. That's a bit of a catch-22. Look what happened with Blizzard and WoW classic servers. And doing massive changes, while a nice idea, would be a bit against the preservationist goal of the Net-7 E&B Emulator. Net-7 board seems to have its hands tied in what they can do as far as marketing. What may really work is stealth marketing from the fans. Maybe something viral.
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