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  3. I just got home from work, i see the server is down, unfortunately i can not do anything about that, as I do not have server rights, the main server dev is in Europe so he should be getting up soon hopefully he will see the server is down and see whats up and restart us back up. hopefully the hamster fell off the wheel and didn't die from Covid 19.
  4. Welcome back Popojo07! Hopefully the server will be back online soon.
  5. seems like we are still down with no reply yet but American holiday soon so will check back tomorrow --- I am just glad I found it even for a little bit because I loved the game back in 2003 or so. Had all my ex wife's sons playing too back then.
  6. What is going on with the server. Any updates?.
  7. Keep checking the status every time I pass by the PC. It's only a matter of time before I start getting the shakes...
  8. I need my EnB fix for the day!
  9. Yesterday
  10. any idea on when it will come back up?
  11. hopefully WOODY will know whats up . do we need a new hamster or has one of the gerbils gone mad?? have donated again to the funds on a serious note WOODY can u PM me pls
  12. Thanks for confirming 👍 <Paranoia Mode Disengaged>
  13. Server down? or is it just me?
  14. Bug tracker breaks on forum updates (template issues I believe). I believe someone was working on it, but well... real life.
  15. Last week
  16. I click on the Bug Tracker tab to file a bug report and only get basically a blank format page with the donation report box on the right. Nothing showing to make an entry for a bug.
  17. Got me beat as to what the problem is then. Thanks for the help, but it is a little frustrating. I love this game. I'll have to retry the mission on my JE that had the same problem 5 years ago and see what happens.
  18. I just completed this mission on my Alt FriedaJD without any issues went straight through no lag no delays and no other issues Wun1one i saw your GM Help ticket and fix your mission Woodstock HGM
  19. Hmmm, 5 years later, to the day...Different avatar (Muriel) and still the same problem, but then I've been having problems with scanning missions all day. Each scanning step in the mission: Search for the key, had to be advanced by a GM after I had scanned the marker & got the msg I had completed it.
  20. Earlier
  21. So there is a lvl limit for Somethin' Shimmery. Just going off Moulinneuf's post from 8/8/19 about there being no limits. Think the wiki needs updating.
  22. win10 is fine. You can reset individual game account password in net-7.org as long as its linked to your forum/portal account
  23. Have not played in long time and got a new computer and tryed a few months back to set up game and login useing windows 10 64 bit and could not get in game.will this game run under windows 10?and i got accounts that i cant get in if i do get it up and runing again.cant rember pass but i can see them .think i got to manny accounts lol from way back but could use some help to see if i can recover a few.ty
  24. Ping a GM in game. Might be a bugged talk tree.
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