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  2. since it isn't mentioned anywheres. are you running it in windowed mode? should be able to do whatever you want with them once they run in that mode (to my experience) also might want to have a look in Wolfie's topic: even if you never use the macro stuff, its a great way to launch the clients and devide it across your 2 screens automagically. (works with 1920x1080 just fine)
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  4. Kyp

    GUI scaling

    Not built in that I'm aware of. It was designed for the days when 800x600 was most common.
  5. I maybe restarted it wrong after I applied updates, some slight differences in this one from our other ones. At any rate glad Cipher got it back up. Update check is done at the same place play is I believe so if you're getting through there you should be getting through for PTR.
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  7. Hello, everyone. Great game and great Team who's ported this game to us. Thanks I have 2 monitors same build (asus vw246h) and I'm using windows pro seven. Main monitor nr.1 in front of my keyboard, second monitor nr.2 on the LEFT. When I launch the client (through launchnet7), it load on main monitor (nr.1), thus I can "click" "name" square, "account management" square, "accept" square with no problem. When I move the "client" windows on the LEFT 2nd monitor (nr.2), the mouse respond, but I can't choose any square any more. If I move the 2nd monitor to the RIGHT of the main monitor and I choose in Windows prefs main monitor nr.1 to the left place and 2nd monitor to the right place. Then the client moved in the 2nd monitor accept any mouse command. If I leave the 2nd monitor on the LEFT of the main monitor and I change the above in windows preference, I need to "play" with the mouse "LEFT-MAIN-MONITOR" to the "2ND-RIGHT-MONITOR", not easy. I can't put the 2nd monitor and the RIGHT, my desk is not big enough and there is a wall on my right shoulder, I can only use the 2nd monitor placed LEFT and the main monitor placed in front of me. Well, the only temporary solution I have found is, before playing, in windows prefs select 2nd monitor on my LEFT to be the main monitor and the main monitor to be the 2nd one. Then I can play with 2 client at the same time. Do You have any gentle solution, or is it a mechanism of the game calling variable on the "TRUE" left X;Y mouse game-windows calling ? Thanks in advance. Karra PS The problem seems to come from the call of the mouse selection when in the LEFT 2nd screen, it need to be on the MAIN LEFT ORIGINAL MONITOR, to work, otherwise need to "physically" change the monitors. It is in the software call (client.exe), the game client-side "wait" for a mouse-press-selection and there is not keyboard-press equivalent found. So I'm stuck with my temporary above solution, for now . Cheers. ;))
  8. Note : to start the First mission you need the 5 parts + Table of content in Cargo , when you vist Sergeant Jones at EarthCorps High Command, : Bogeril Fragment 1 Bogeril Fragment 2 Bogeril Fragment 3 Bogeril Fragment 4 Bogeril Fragment 5 and the Bogeril Table of Content Found at Nav Withberg 4 from Bogeril Tinhorn and Bogeril Tyro Then if you talk again to [[Sergeant Jones]] you get to do the rest of the mission
  9. I've been doing some fiddling around with this today to see if I can get 6 windows (main + 5 alts) up on a 1920x1200 resolution, essentially a layout like this... After a fair amount of testing, and experiencing the same issue as you, it would appear that there's a minimum window size below which the client just exits. I believe this to be 800x600 based on the config tool. Kind of a pain, though maybe the excuse I need to buy a new monitor?
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  11. I have just managed to sign in to the PTR! I noticed that the uptime has passed 4+ Days, which means that somebody might have restarted the PTR? Failing on update check though.
  12. I'll check this out tomorrow and let you know when it's back up, sorry for the trouble!
  13. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Chavez_Storyline_Walkthrough
  14. Maybe you did the mission ** Somethin' Shimery ** in the past and forgot about it and are on to another mision who is many step further along you can look up your toon completed mission on https://www.net-7.org/?# , by selecting your toon name ( wil being logged in ) on the left and going to the tab mission log and on the page that load select the tab completed mission and look if you already compelted that one. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Somethin'_Shimmery allow acces to Borrowed Tools https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Borrowed_Tools allow access to Homesick for Biscuits https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Homesick_for_Biscuits allow acces to Blood is Thicker https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Blood_is_Thicker allow access to Solar Energy for the Layman From Zeke cousin Zach in Dahin https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Solar_Energy_for_the_Layman Allow access to The Legend of Great Pappy https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/The_Legend_of_Great_Pappy Which is the last part until now I dont recall a problem at level 58 for somethin' shimerry only The Legend of great pappy as Combat level 25 for requirement on the wiki and it's the last mission so far
  15. Thanks Moulinneuf, explains my JD with the TT I have all the items, plus chitin bits faction at 3300 the only other thing i can think of is lv which is 58 atm. I'll lv up a bit and see how i go Thankyou
  16. You need 9 item to start the mission Zeke like : 3 X moonshine level 1 3 X Moonshine level 2 3X moonshine level 3 Total = 9 Could also be your bogeril faction is too in the negative or too low ( can't really confirm that it does as no part of the mission relly on any faction ) Jenquai Defender , Progen Warrior , Terran Enforcer are all Warrior Class and excluded from doing this mission but helpful/needed for help in the last combat part ( for this moment in time ).
  17. http://bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe is the correct download address
  18. Not able to start the PTR no more!!
  19. I did go hunting Glenn Commission Mobs but I didn't lose faction, think because I was doing Surti sat jobs in between which kept faction up so I didn't lose much.
  20. Yeah, the job terminals are the only way to gain Glenn commission faction. Its a very slow grind, but it does eventually get there. -Z
  21. Thx, that was the prob. Resolved now.
  22. I got it to work, and what I did... Really not even sure how... i couldnt force a update and was clicking on net 7 launch apps and then it forced the update some how.. Its working...but holy hell was it silly... Yeah i dont need several systems to game on but I have them 4 gaming systems and a Asus Windows tablet which is is so much faster then most of us used when the game was new lol I got it , i wish i could remember how... Len
  23. Sry don't know on that problem, but i have a issue as well i cannot get alts linked with main using ENBplay. So when i fire main my alts won't respond, any help would be appreciated. Have tried starting different order, checked admin, although different with Win 10 64. Thanks
  24. I'm just finishing downgrading to Win 10 lite, and reloading EnB and Net7 loader after downloading from net-7.org. So far, loaded the game, did not put on desktop icon (it is the wrong one) waiting for net 7 loader to finish after updating. Will let you know what happens after it finishes. First thing I noticed is the loader has been updated to v2.2.0 and now updating client, current version (cannot be determined) to version to 271, and downloading files. All loaded and now playing.
  25. Why won't Zeke talk to my TT or JD, i have the 4 required items, is faction or over all level a concern to start this quest ??
  26. I have had a issue for a few days on one of my systems trying to figure it out I uninstalled everything reinstalled everything from my downloads a few months ago nothing . Deleted all downloads fresh downloaded files same thing . Incompatible version of Netproxy all i am getting is the a older net7 launcher then it doesnt even show the net 7 launcher it just shows in it the task bar and nothing else... PRETTY confused Its been running great on all 5 systems... until yesterday...thought I could just reinstall I know its a old dog and sometimes we have to put that old dog our good friend down. I came back to enjoy gaming again..Very confused... len
  27. http://bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe is the correct web address. Bothouse.com does not use SSL encryption for downloading files from the site.
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