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Just wanted to throw this out since I've seen a number of people mention the site on here.

I have the old EBIIA up and running with the full database now.

We are working on adding it to a subdomain here on net7, but in the meantime I have pretty much everything up and running :)

So enjoy!  Let me know if you see something that really needs corrected.


I'll also look at adding information to the new classes as well.

Hopefully we can get it a lot more up to date with what we have here :)

Just to note, I don't know exactly how updated the database is to what we have here.
This is from when the game was live so things may have changed.


EBIIA Resources:
Station Lists (Sector, Terminals, Comps, etc) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Stations.shtml
Traderoutes (With profit for diff negotiates) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Routes.php
Journeys (Mini Stories) -> http://www.ebiia.net/Journeys.shtml

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Thanks Ulyydian, that is a good site.  It should help the information base greatly.   I seem to remember some of it from the old Live days.  Good work. :D


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