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Cant login

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I installed everything as described in the FAQ section. Also I linked the Account to a newly made GAMEaccount. When I try to login, she keeps saying that my password is wrong. What could be the mistake ?



Thanks in advance, Paul

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Possible you are using the master account password and not the game account password?


If you need to reset the game account password:


On the net-7 portal site:

Account -> Avatar Settings  


This will give you access to to change or reset the game-account password.

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Hmm, you're using the right login id too? (as you get the same speech from Megan if username or password is wrong)


nb: login id is not case sensitive, password is though.


Could you create another game account under your master account and try that one?

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Going to fwd this for the GM's to look at, hopefully there are some log-in attempt logs ?


GM's: can you guys look into his account for me - cheers.


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