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A Small Hint To All New Players

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Hello All.

First off I would like to give new player's a BIG Welcome to the EMU .

A small tip . Take a " Screen Shot " of the NPC mission " talk tree " . Most of the NPC's will tell you where togo in there talk to you , but the hint's they give to you will not be in the mission log .

I know "man thats a waste of disk space" . You will the screen shots here ( C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\output ) Your drive ID might may very .
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Good advice. Another idea would be to take notes of NPC names and locations as you read the mission text. Sometimes things are only said once and it is really easy to forget. Especially if you play casually and are working on a mission you started over a week ago.
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I simply cancel these missions. If its a skill mission i simply ask about it in new player.

When this game came out 'tough' missions, where you really had to stay on top of what you were doing, was the norm in games and MMO's. However since the advent of WoW's simplified questing system, and numerous Mods, this type of design has tended to turn off more players. Simplified and detailed quest logs are now the norm in most games and most players are not used to EnB's 'Tough Mission' system.

I want to enjoy a game....not become confused, frustrated, and angry because I didn't read a specific section, forgot where the NPC told me to go, or didn't take a screen-shot or write it down. Shoot, I can't even recall the last time I even read the 'flavor' text for quests/missions in a game....must be over 5 years. Could you imagine having to generate your own map via grid paper too? Sure, this was the norm in dungeon crawlers from the 90's to 2000's but would seeing that in a game now seem ludicrous? Game design has moved past this. Edited by Crichton
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