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Problems with logins and "duplicate" critters

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I'm having problems with staying logged in since the last update. When I dock, undock or load the level I will often get kicked back to the login screen.

Also, since the update I have been noticing duplicate critters. I.e. I will click on one critter, a different critter across the map will get selected. Or I will try and attack a normally aggro critter, and he will ignore me and I'll get a message like "Can't perform this action on a team member!" (or something like it).


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Sounds to me like a bug.... i get it from time to time with gates i will fly 103k away and there will be the gate i came in on lol some of what they are doing now with this server shutdown may fix some of your problem keep us posted

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Could it also be due to the Combat Cloak and Fold Space abilities? I have just started using them too.

Yes there is a bug with Combat Cloak that causes you to see duplicate critters. It has been there for at least a month though. I know I've learned to avoid using it on my jenquai characters in the mean time.

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