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  1. if a skuttle is your thing.. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
  2. It's been a while since I;ve been in game or on the forum, but to answer the question, its windows 10 pro and any of the major VPNs will work, (nord, tunnel bear, express, pure) it has been working fine for me so far.
  3. my guess would be the ISP being creative as I have set static IPS and the HTTPS traffic is nothing more than a checkbox in the routers settings and being a carrier branded router you can imagine the lack of settings and how locked down it is.. looks like I'll have to try the VPN route, is there a particular VPN that works the best with the game, I only ask as I've never messed with VPNs for anything. Thanks for all the help! Cipher and Karu
  4. the strange part is if I enter an incorrect password I get the normal female NPC voice stating that she cannot validate my log in information, but when I enter what I believe my correct password I get the dialog box and it makes no difference which laptop I am on
  5. downloaded and reinstalled both the client and the Net-7 application. downloaded the files from the portal *Edit* I should note that I am on win 10 and during install, I made sure and selected "run as administrator", I'm also having the same issues on a Win 7 laptop I used to play the game on
  6. every attempt to log in is met with a dialogue box that says, "your login doesn't appear to be valid, please use the default launcher". I have tried everything I can think of, I forwarded all the ports I can find that EnB and N-7 use, I'm using a cellular home hotspot on an LTE network I have a good signal. I don't understand what I'm overlooking, I've tried everything I've found in the support searches I've completed, I'm at a standstill. anyone have advice or a similar situation?
  7. thanks for the links .. ill check them out
  8. I don't know if anyone has thought of this or has the ability to do so.. I for one am unable to write a program of this nature.. But a phone app that you could add your location and your intended destination (similar to the old desktop program) would be pretty sweet especially for those of us who can ever remember how to get somwhere.. And mabey in addition to A sector list with navs (hidden) also and station lists with vendor names and what they sell and lvls.. Or is there already something like that?
  9. [quote name='Dakynos' timestamp='1303164866' post='39342'] As noted earlier, please do report incidents. If no staff member is on to witness it, and nobody reports it, nothing will be done. As far as the /ignore command, although useful, it does not get to the root of the problem. Ideally at some point we'll have a fair influx of new players, and new players won't necessarily know about that command and will be forced to see whatever is going on. Maybe they'll turn off the channel, maybe they'll still be too new. For voting for silence, that reminds me of a first person shooter I used to play where you could vote to kick someone for cheating/language etc. It required a minimum number of votes (or percent) to be booted, and often times not enough people voted. I'm interested in the idea but wary also. [/quote] I am in agreement with dakynos a vote would be great to ban someone that way you can be sure that the community as a whole os completly fed up with the actions of the one ..however .. I know there is only a handful of people that are "working" on this project IE Devs, Mods,GMs ect.ect .. but this is "all of ours" game and it is our responsibility to correct those who are "out of line" not with a good hearty scolding but with a hey please watch the language .. we as a a whole need to make sure that our game stays clean and presentable .. what i mean is that if one player decides to start trolling and "WE" all don't feed in and ignore him and continue to conduct "business as usual" he will just go away.. alot of these type of people feed on our reactions if there isn't one usually they will become uninterested and leave.. please feel free to correct me if i am wrong.. :-) i was a beta tester in live and i love this game with my whole heart played all the way to sunset and back again and i don't really remember these type of events happening a whole lot until it got close to the end then alot of the riffraff started to show up
  10. it comes and goes here now the server says off line atm but every now and then it will come back to online i try to log in and then it goes offline again lol its like roulette mabey i will mabey i wont lol :-P *Edit* i am too getting connection to the global server failed
  11. strange the server status app says online but N-7 says offline and i cant get in anyone else having troubles??
  12. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1302486580' post='38778'] https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/forum-56/announcement-13-read-first-technical-support-faq-and-common-fixes/ Third problem down. [/quote] Heh i guess that's why it pays to search a little more thoroughly b4 you post something sorry Thanks very Much Cdel worked but not in the way that the solution was typed... in win7 there is no "Maximize" in the left click menu of the task bar ..i had to go into the properties menu and select start maximized and that worked .. thanks for the idea...
  13. evening all , i just received a net-7 Update and now that i have updated it i can no longer see the N-7 Window i go to the task bar and hover over the N-7 icon and i can see the window but it will not come up on my desk top .. i have allready uninstalled and reinstalled the the program to no avail .. any ideas?? Thanks in advance Tunks *EDIT* i am running Windows 7 Ultimate with all the latest updates and IE 9
  14. i cant seem to log in to either the portal or the game... tells me that my log in info isn't accepted i have tried a few different settings to no avail and im a little confused . when i try logging into the portal is says Info/error "User/Pass Incorrect, or User not recognized" and i tried re registering and it wont let me do that either i get a "Forum Name: Tunks Forum user not found User not added" error.. im not sure what to do .. Thanks for your assistance Tunksfera
  15. Servers Booting up.. ahh time to play
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