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After reading the forums, and Installing, un-installing, installing,un-installing, installing,ect.,ect.,ect.,
I am wondering if this is real? I can login to the forum, but when I try to login to the game, Megan won't give it up.
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The short short version is:

Install game client.
Use Net-7 Universal installer

(do both of those explicitly as admin if you are on Win7/Vista). You must run the configuration utility as admin after this. If you've registered the accounts afterward, you should be able to log in.
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I've tried clean installing 6 times, still cannot get past login/password. And I'm really sick of looking at update progress bars.
Any help, Ideas, or theropy, would be greatly appreciated!

Found this in AuthLogin.log

02:04:39: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org)
02:04:39: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org)
02:04:39: Login Service Connection Successful.

02:04:39: GetTicketSync(1) connection succeed with invalid result.

User : Malcontent
Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH
ServiceID : 2184
Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin
Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org
Text Edited by MalContent
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Log in to http://www.net-7.org with your Username and password from THIS forum.
Once logged in to the net7 site, you will see "Add Account" on the left menu. Click it.
Enter a Username and password to create your game account.

Run Net7 software and at the Megan screen enter your newly created GAME username and Password.

That should get you in.
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Good Morning,

Thank you Shaddex!

Your instructions are the clearest I've seen, and I've read a ton of them on these fotums.
One other came that close, but fell short. The "ADD ACCOUNT" button only appears after
forum login.

After getting only one hours sleep, I was just going to wipe my op-system, and forget about it.
But I decided to look here one more time.

Please add your above post to the, "FAQ" "[b]I would like to start playing, how do I ?"[/b],
It will help a lot of people who get weary, after all the down loading, and up-dating.

Again, thank you Shaddex!

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My bad MalContent, things have recently changed since the last I installed. Shaddex and team had updated how the website works in terms of registration. I will see if I can't update the installer at some point to help point people the right way.
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