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  1. Mad ? No not mad, just tired and gruppy. Read the logs, I just spent four or five heavy days leveling 3 toons. And the leveling was done the old fashion way, no exploits. Normally I try to get back to my base at the end of the night. The gating feature really made the trip home enjoyable. As for magic wand fixes. I do grasp the complexity of this EMU,  and I am familiar with the specific code within it. About the griping. Nothing I say is meant to be taken serious, THIS IS JUST A GAME. But, the forum is the place to gripe. Griping in chat is a bad Idea. When I goose the (AH HEM) DEVs, it is actually just in fun. They get plenty of praise on chat and in forum. I am grateful for this EMU, and will miss it when it goes. Just as I missed the EA version. I did do writing on my own server, but it is not the same without a population. And not being an overtly social person, I would not open a public server. Have fun ! The drone kept going, WHEW !!! Malcontent  
  2. Liked the replies on this thread, seems like real people, except for one, but he is consistent, which equates to sincer.
  3. Fixed ?     Fixed: Exploit for multi boxers making (heh heh, taking)          advantage of the new group gate function          (explore XP by mass touring temp alts).          Multi boxers are only allowed to group gate with one toon from the same IP I, like multi others, multi boxed in live. I, like multi others, multi boxed in multi games. I, like multi others, multi switch, to gate multi toons. I, like multi others, rejoyced when these ,(ah hum) DEVs, Stumbled onto the group gate concept. I, like multi others, know where the explore exploits are :     If, I or multi others wanted to play that way. I, like multi others, don't have fun by Exploiting slap stick programming logic. I, like multi others, hope that group gating does not go the way Build Quality went.     And I, like multi others, know who was behind that !!! I, like multi others, would never have dreamed that the idea of group gating could be nerfed. But then again, look around ! Fixed, Fixed, Fixed ??? Go fix the shield recharge aggro. Go out to Cygni, pop a rock, defend against the mob, and run up XP debt from the CL 63 infinit corp, which you have great faction with, on all toons present. UT OH, I hear a drone over head. OK, your turn...  
  4. MEMORIES OF WESTWOOD -------------------- In the beginning, all of the classes ARE described in the charactor selection dialogs. Megan sure is fine! Any deviation from those base prerequisites is just that. One of the earliest came when the JDs cried that the PWs were to powerful. Dismissing storyline and the fact that the Progen were genetically designed to be powerful, EA kneeled down to the kiddies $15 per week, and drastically reduced the Progen. And Megan cried. Having psychic powers,and a cunning nature, it didn't take very long for the JD to realise EAs greed ,lack of integrety, and vunerability to whinning. They went right to work. It was no longer the Progen being to powerful, it was the JD wasn't powerful enough, whaaa! And of course EA always willing to do anything for fifteen bucks ,came sliding up on their knees, and layed more powerful beams at the JDs feet. And again Megan cried. But did the JD take their new powerful beams and conqure the galaxy at that point? Nope. They contemplated, (cloaked), while the Progen and Terran battled down the mobs. Then just before the mobs were killed, the JD uncloaked and used those newly earned beams to create that brave battle tactic known as "KILL STEALING". Hence looting rights. Megan then cursed, not a pretty thing to wittness. After that came the raids and constant demand for bigger and flashier ego drops for the inner circle of the raid organizers, but thats another story. EA tired of wearing asbestos lipstick, and kevlar knee pads closed the game and sent the JDs to Eve. In Eve, they hang around gates in 0,0 space and giggle when a newbie wanders in. When an Ex-Progen comes through the gate and loots their toys, they leave the game. Anyone wonder where they go? Anyone wonder when the JD conqured the galaxy? Anyone wonder whatever happened to Megan? For all you folks that wasted Time and Skill points on "Critical Targeting". Remember, JDs are only supposed to have LVL 5 Critical Targeting, and PWs have LVL 7 Critical Targeting. And those 2 upper LVLs are rough to get. This routine is from PlayerCombat.cpp +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + float Player::CalcDamage(int weapon_damage, int subcat, bool *critical) { float damage_bonus; float damage_inflicted; short critical_limit = 19; ================================================================================================================ if (Profession() == PROFESSION_WARRIOR && Race() == RACE_JENQUAI) { critical_limit = 16; //Test: JW's get 1 in 5 shots as critical, as opposed to 1 in 20 for everyone else. } ================================================================================================================ // Get Damage bonus by weapon type switch(subcat) { case 100: // Beam damage_bonus = 1 + m_Stats.GetStat(STAT_BEAM_DAMAGE); break; case 101: // Projectile damage_bonus = 1 + m_Stats.GetStat(STAT_PROJECTILES_DAMAGE); break; case 102: // Missiles damage_bonus = 1 + m_Stats.GetStat(STAT_MISSILE_DAMAGE); break; default: LogMessage("ERROR: Weapon subcategory [%d] wrong for %s\n", subcat, Name()); damage_bonus = 0.0f; break; } //find the base weapon damage, first have we got a critical or missed? short to_hit = (rand() % 20) + 1; float damage_fraction = 1.0f; ================================================================================================================ //This system gives a critical on a 20, a miss on a 1, and less than 12 it gives fractional damage (which could still be full sometimes). FOR JD CRITICAL IS ANYTHING ABOVE 16 <<<<<=====<<<<< ================================================================================================================ if (to_hit == 1) { //Weapon missed, damage zero damage_bonus = 0; } ================================================= else if (to_hit > critical_limit) { //Critical!! Double damage damage_bonus = damage_bonus * 2.0f; *critical = true; } ================================================= else if (to_hit < 12) //to_hit less than 12, so we didn't do full damage { damage_fraction = (float)((rand() % 10) + (rand() % 10) + (rand() % 10) + 3)/30.0f; } //Now calculate the damage based on weapon base damage and bonus. damage_inflicted = damage_fraction * (float)(weapon_damage) * damage_bonus; return (damage_inflicted); } That is just one example, there are many more. Take the Faction issue. Startup a brand new JD and take a look at the Faction page. They don't have to work for Faction. Everyone loves them, including the Centuriate, HUH??? The universes best builder can build a LVL 9 mouse trap, but is unable to use it. Why? Because the JDs "Kill Stealed" the the TTs Device tech LVL 9 ! None of the dedicated fighting classes had device tech lvl 9. The upper lvl buffs/debuffs were dished out by the Support classes. The Scope is a device that the games ultimate explorer ,the JE ,owns. And speaking of devices, anyone else notice that hulks and mobs are infested with JD devices? To get a decent Progen or Terran device, you have to spend a hundred million on ammo, and kill the same mob type for days on end. And of course you multiply that if you want to get a successful analysis. Love this game, and most of the people who play it. Could be the greatest game, if the Devs would stop trying to develope the JD to the nth degree squared. Everyone should have fun, not just 1 in 20. Every couple of years I open my big mouth, say my piece, dissappear, and still remain. Progens have cloaking too! LOL !!!
  5. Good Morning, Thank you Shaddex! Your instructions are the clearest I've seen, and I've read a ton of them on these fotums. One other came that close, but fell short. The "ADD ACCOUNT" button only appears after forum login. After getting only one hours sleep, I was just going to wipe my op-system, and forget about it. But I decided to look here one more time. Please add your above post to the, "FAQ" "[b]I would like to start playing, how do I ?"[/b], It will help a lot of people who get weary, after all the down loading, and up-dating. Again, thank you Shaddex! MalContent.
  6. Welp, I've tried clean installing 6 times, still cannot get past login/password. And I'm really sick of looking at update progress bars. Any help, Ideas, or theropy, would be greatly appreciated! Found this in AuthLogin.log 02:04:39: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org) 02:04:39: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org) 02:04:39: Login Service Connection Successful. 02:04:39: GetTicketSync(1) connection succeed with invalid result. User : Malcontent Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org Code: Text
  7. Yup, That was the first thing I did. I did not see any "add account" on the page for certificate installation.
  8. Howdy, After reading the forums, and Installing, un-installing, installing,un-installing, installing,ect.,ect.,ect., I am wondering if this is real? I can login to the forum, but when I try to login to the game, Megan won't give it up.
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