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Suggestion - Component Changes.

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[quote name='Talar' timestamp='1316456786' post='46328']
90% of items in other games are not useless.
Every item that drops in a raid instance, Give or take one or Two is used by some class as a primary raid item.

90% of items in EnB are not used, Period.

Limited thinking when it comes to changing the cloaking, and regen effects of combat.
You dont have to change all of the components, thats the long way of doing it. You end the algorithm that controls how much damage you receive from a mob.

Also you could just change combat damage regen to 5 seconds, and enable it during cloaking, and it would make regen more viable.

All this from someone who is barely in L20-40 range eh? 90% of raid items in EnB Not used? really dude you need to learn facts and real things about this game. As far as other items are concerns yes most arent used because everyone chooses to use the most EFFICIENT or BEST equipment available. If you wanna stick to this 90% number fine 90% of people just choose not to be creative and go outside the normal. PERIOD...

Everything save perhaps a few items from RAIDS in EnB are used... Sadly I don't think you have a clue what your talking about let alone could tell me any of the drops from said raids and who are suppose to use them. Judging by the comments in game and things you've asked. I'm sorry but you have no grounds no basis no foothold to stand on with any of these comments. You need to learn this game first before you start talking about changing anything in it.

And as far as things not used... EVERY MMO has tons of items in them that may or may not be used... Including Raid items... Its called advancement too prime example... WoW was tier 1, 2, 3 etc before I quit (sure it might be more now). I'm sure people with Tier 3 certainly weren't using Tier 1 stuff anymore, why? Because they got better...

Now please go find that rock you crawled out from under and go back to it. I'm sorry if its harsh but you've just rubbed me the wrong way the minute you appeared in this EMU with your FF recruitment rhetoric, to now guild hoping into what is seen as 2 different major guilds. Sorry but I sense something you need to learn the ropes still youngling. Before talking about major change to something you obviously have no clue about.
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Well, I've read through all of this...and what I come up with is this:

Someone with limited experience and no end-game experience is proposing sweeping changes to a game they have yet to fully explore or master.

There is a wealth of diversity between the races and classes in this game, which is part of what attracted me in live, and kept things interesting. We all have different sweet spots, with no one so over or under powered that they cannot fulfill their role...and every class, played well, can be moderately effective at every facet of the game (mining notwithstanding, but that's a very specific skillset).

The "it ain't broke, so stop trying to fix it" contingent is spot on, in my opinion. This game rising out of the ashes is and has been a labor of love. Love of a game whose time was up far too soon. That's the game the vast majority came back to play, and the OP should spend more time respecting that...and mastering the game as it is...before telling people how it should be done.
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