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server raid on fishbowl sunday

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greetings all

please give yer opinion on what you thought about the raid on sunday

i think a 1-10 would be good.

1=canal water, 10=a blast

i myself would give a 7. i died a few times(cl30 no wonder 8)),i had bad lag, but overall i had fun.i will do it again anytime.

i think so many ppl in 1 sector might have been a cause of the lag, but still fun.

i guess a 0 if you did not participate.

fly safe 8)


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I had a blast!

I died quite a few times, but at my TT's age of OL 86, thats to be expected.

Saw some very nice gear go out to folks, someday it'll be my turn maybe. smile.gif

Lag wise, I was running over 60 fps the whole time (well the fps thingy only goes to 60 i think) (( in eve I run around 450fps))

The biggest drawback atm for me (aside from lack of hull and skills) is the stuck graphics make it hard to tell if a skill is still cycling or not. Not to mention the TT problem of seeing full hulls even on incapped ships. tongue.gif

Other than that, it was awesome!

Thanks for putting this on guys! smile.gif

edit for grammar/speeling errors

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8.5 ( a solid 10 without the lag)

The only negative was due to the lag that was experienced. I had the pleasure of leading one of the groups that was composed of members of my guild as well as other guilds. It was great to see as many as 6 full groups (maybe more at various times) all working together for a common purpose ... FUN and comradeship!!!

Many people were able to get items they probably would not have had the chance to get otherwise. If you participated and did not receive anything never fear ... there will be more raids in the future. Your time will come :)

This is the 2nd large scale FB raid my guild has participated in and each one is a learning experience. Hope to see some of you at the next one. For all of those that did participate ... my personal thanks for a great time.


VonCorp Lieutenant

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I had a blast too.

There are still a few bugs that need to be tweaked.

Lots of bad op codes, and loots not correctly credited to group leaders are two that weren't mentioned by previous posters.

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thx to the Devs for tweaking the FB to make it a group event instead of solo'ing it to death and getting boring... its something now for all to have fun in groups and get a chance to get to know people on the server ... have i made my share of misstakes YES and i am truely sorry to Everyone on the Server ,, with that said i will make an effort to make it right up with actions instead of just words... i look forward to seeing everyone come out and have some fun with us ...

long Live ENB

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