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Bite the Bullet Terran style

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So, I submitted a ticket on this mission earlier today, before the portal went down.


But it seems that Dr. B'nzen H'neyood? in Ishuan station is not talking to Terrans, even with the Electro  superinducer in the inventory, and its only step 1/7!


Needs to be looked at or fixed; or a work around that automatically pushes character forward a step or two... Something to fix it anyway...

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I have responded to your ticket and you will find your trying to complete the wrong mission, you must complete the Green Initiative mission before you can move on in the mission line. The whole mission line is working as intended and has been for a long time there is nothing to fix. Please refer to the ticket response and feel free to post a response here should you feel a need.


All the best,


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