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Duplicate accounts

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New computer (unfortunately windows 11 but I had no choice). Installed E&B and Net7. Net7 starts up and patches just fine. E&B starts up asking for login credentials. After giving them the app just shuts down. Not a "bad" username or password, just goes away.


So I figured it was something to do with my account at E&B. Somehow, I had two accounts showing, both with the same username. I was able to transfer all avatars to one account and deleted the other. It was the wrong account. So now when I attempt to log in it says I have the wrong username or password. So I attempted to change the password (selected Forgot Password) and when I try and change the password I of course cannot because I don't know the old password.


So it looks like I have a username (Rhubard) with a password that I have no idea what it is.


At this point, can I get an admin to just delete my game account. I will then establish a new game account. I am not worried about loosing anything.



 - Dwayne

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So did that. Reduced to a single game account, got new password, successfully changed password.\


Now when logging into the game is is unable to validate my credentials.


I have not been logged on for a VERY long time, so that may have something to do with it. 


As above, I request an account deletion so I can start over.

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