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EnB configure not working.

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Edition    Windows 10 Home
Version    21H2
Installed on    ‎10/‎4/‎2021
OS build    19044.1826
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0


No matter what I do I can't get the earth and Beyond Game Configuration to work or the game window bigger than 8x8 or full screen on a 22" LED screen.
Is there anyone that can help make it work?


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Launch it from Net-& Launcher/Tools and make sure you have LaunchNet7.exe set to run as administrator.


If you run it manually, from the E&BConfig.exe, make sure compat mode is set to WinXP (service pack 2) and set to run as administrator.

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I am no longer a gm but i can say that in your earth and beyond folder when you open the enb config folder towards the bottom you will see a net7 config. that's where you make the adjustments,make sure to run it and save.  should be all that you need to do. also use compatability for windows 7 minimum since xp  and vista are no longer supported.

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Hello jrichards I did all of that all I got was a 3 second spinning wheel and nothing popped up, it wouldn't run at all from ANY location.
I did manage to get it to work. I'm going to put up everything I did to get it to work, it's probably a little redundant. But here goes.

When I decided to reinstall the game for a third time, I made certain I right clicked on everything that is required to install and run the game,

AND Clicked "Run As Administrator" I crossed all the "Ts" and Dotted the "I" this time.

Here goes. this is for some of the people that may not be so PC savvy.


This is everything that worked for me.

Windows 10

Open any folder short cut on your desk top ie; documents

   Scroll down to OS(c:) click OS(c:) once

      In the new right window, double click "Program files x86"

        Double click "EA games"

          Double click "Earth and Beyond"
            Double click "EBCONFIG"

              Look for "E&B Config"

               Right click on the "E&B Config" and click Send to----click on "Desktop (create short cut)"

Close all your windows and programs you might have running.

Go to your desktop.
Right click on the new "Earth and Beyond Configuration" short cut you just created.

  Click on the "Compatibility" tab

    ✓ the "Run this program in Compatibility mode"

         Use the arrow down and select "Windows XP (service Pack 2)"

           Below that window

             ✓ "Run This program as Administrator"

               ✓ "Register this product for restart"

                  Click Apply

                    Click OK


I did one other thing it was a little silly, that may or may not of had an in pack on the outcome.


Thanks Blacklung I just saw your reply as I just finished up.

How are things BL, I hope all is well with you and the team.



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I am doing ok, Playing some even now and enjoying it.

I also hope the team is well.  I have spoken with woody but other then that i haven't chatted with any of the rest yet. 

Thanks for asking and hope all is good with everyone else.

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