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Best bug ever?

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So there is no Bug Tracker, and the Technical Support portion of the forum does not work when sorting by time.....so here is a fun bug.


  1. Around 11:30 am EDT / 15:30 UTC I was killing Voltoi in Antares, leveling two of my PWs that were OL 119 (43/44/32) when I killed a blinding voltoi waft and looted the corpse. I noticed something weird in that I heard a level up sound and saw a weird negative number appear where normally the 2500 xp number appears. 
  2. The number was -306782656 (-306,782,656). I had been having issues with both of my JE's DCing/failing to login for a few hours (possibly due to a ddos attack and the resulting playerid assignment problem that we have seen before), so figured it was just my JE and sure enough my JE was DC'd but still appeared in the group.
  3. I /quit him out and then looked at my TT Dena and saw that she now had 764 Skill Points (she previously only had maybe 5). My PWs had gained CL 50 (+7 skill levels) and now had 806 Skill Points from that 1 kill.  All 6 toons had several hundred extra skill point: 


Not sure what caused the number over run, and I love free skill points, but this is definitely a nasty bug and would hate to see it exploited and/or continue to bypass game-play.


My grouped toons before the bug:

Aeryn (150 JE)

Nagata (150 JD)

Avasarala (150 JS)

Dena (150 TT)

Pacekeeperthree (119 PW)

Pacekeeperfour (119 PW)



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